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Alabama CCW Question

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I have been searching all over the web and cannot seem to find a clear answer. I have a CCW in Ohio as a resident. I also have an out of state non-resident permit in New Hampshire and PA. This shows reciprocity with Alabama on the reciprocity ccw map, but what I have been reading indicates Alabama may not recognize reciprocity for a non-resident permit holder, even from valid reciprocal states. I am working in AL for the next 6 months and would like to figure this out. If all else fails, I plan on calling the local sheriff. Thoughts?
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From the Ala Atty Gen website:

Will Alabama honor a non-resident concealed handgun license in addition to honoring the concealed handgun licenses issued to a resident of one of the states that recognizes and honors Alabama concealed handgun licenses?

Alabama issues concealed handgun licenses only to residents of Alabama, through the Sheriff of their county of residence.

Some states, with whom we have reciprocal recognition of concealed handgun licenses, issue handgun licenses not only to residents of their state but also issue "non-resident" concealed handgun licenses to residents of other states.

At the present time, Act 2001-494 does not on its face specifically address the issue of Alabama’s recognition of a non-resident handgun license issued by a state with which Alabama has reciprocal recognition of concealed handgun licenses. Nor is there a formal Attorney General's Opinion, or Alabama case law on this subject. If an Alabama law enforcement agency requests and receives an official Attorney General's Opinion that opinion will be available to the public on our web site under the menu item titled "AG Opinions."

Until the Legislature, or a Court of competent jurisdiction, or an "official" Attorney General's Opinion addresses this question, our office's "unofficial opinion" is that, at this time, Alabama will honor non-resident concealed handgun licenses from a state which recognizes handgun licenses issued to Alabama residents. Since this is a new area of law and subject to change, we do urge caution. It is suggested that persons whose state of residence does not recognize Alabama concealed handgun licenses periodically check our web site and the web site of the state that issues their non-resident concealed handgun license, as well as being aware of news stories and court cases on the subject.

I searched the AG opinions for "firearm" and could find nothing related to this issue. Of course, you need to check for your own edification, as I am not a lawyer, nor do I play one on TV.

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Thanks a ton. Sorry for the delay as travel between Ohio and Bama has taken its toll on my web time. I saw that same article and it didnt give me much comfort in my legal protection if I were to be pulled over and told an officer I was carrying. Thanks and I will let you know what I find out when I call the Sheriff's office.
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