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I have 2 AKC and 1 grade beagle for sale/trade/partial trade. I really need to get rid of these dogs due to noise complaints from my neighbors.

Dog #1 - Cedar Ridge's Blue Hank is up for sale/trade. Hank was born 9-17-04. Hank is out of Logan Elm Blue Rocky and AJ's Hunting Heidi. Rocky's name speaks for itself and Heidi goes back to Spicer's Blueback. Excellent bloodlines as you can tell. Hank has an outstanding nose and can drive a rabbit like there is no tomorrow. His hunt is really starting improve the older he is getting and is up to what I would call average to medium hunt every time out. Hank will make a nice addition to any kennel. 15" bluetick male.

Price - $250 FTF

Dog #2 - Westmoreland's Ruby is up for sale/trade. She is 14", red and white with enormous energy in the woods. Very beautiful dog with places in trials and on bench. I can provide pictures upon request.

Price - $350 FTF

Dog #3 - Rip is a 2 year old grade male that has ran rabbits but has not had much time in the woods. Beautiful tri-color male that I believe will be a good dog with a little more time in the woods.

Price $100 FTF or $50 if you buy him in a package with either one of the other 2 dogs.

Pups - I have 3 pups out of dog 1 and dog 2 that will be sold as grade pups. Make an offer separately or package deal with the other dogs.

I am open to all trades/partial trades for pistols/rifles/shotguns. Send me an offer and we will talk about it.

PM me or e-mail <!-- e -->[email protected]<!-- e -->

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