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AK47 Package deal! Rifle, Mags, Ammo, Accessories!!

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***** SOLD! *****

I have a nice little package deal up for sale here. Everything you need to enter the world of the AK the right way.

Included in the package are the rifle, ammunition, magazines, and an assortment of acessories.

Let's start with the rifle:

The builder is SIA (Special Interest Arms) out of Gardnerville, NV.
They do not produce for the public and only build for one retailer in the area. These are not cheap Century guns. I researched AK's for months to make sure I bought quality for my first. I compared these side by side to Arsenals and other brands, and could clearly tell the difference in quality and feel. This gun is very accurate and very well built. I have exactly 1,710 flawless rounds through this gun, along with a detailed record of dates, amounts, and types of ammo shot.

Here are the details on the build:
- 7.62x39
- Elk River USA reciever
- Virgin Romanian Chrome-lined barrel
- AMD 65 Virgin kit with gas tube, gas piston, and rear trunion changed out
- Blueprinted action / milled inside rails parallel instead of depending on stamped dimension
- Tapco G2 trigger group
- Tapco SAW pistol grip
- Tapco standard Buttstock (Warsaw length) (Sling swivels installed on right side - I am a lefty)
- Bulgarian Black Polymer handguards (I was in the process of swapping everything out to Bulgarian furniture) (Sling swivels installed on right side)
- Tapco slant cut muzzle break
- Black military style Parkerized finish

- Wolf Military Classic 124gr FMJ (200 ROUNDS)
- Wolf Black Box 122gr FMJ (280 ROUNDS)
- Winchester Brass Cased 123gr FMJ 30 ROUNDS)
All Wolf ammo is in boxes, stored in an ammo can with a good dessicant in it. You get the ammo can too. The Winchester is loaded in a magazine.

- (5) Tapco 30rd Polymer (a few have been used at the range but all are in excellent condition)
- (6) Euro 30rd Steel (all used but in good condition)
- (1) Euro 5rd steel mag (used good condition)

- Saurez International Isreali Sling with swivels installed
- (2) Uplula Magazine loader/unloaders
- (2) aftermarket US flash-hiders (one Phantom style / one m16 style - I don't think the m16 style fits)
- Sight adjustment tool
- Tapco Galil style handguard
- Gibson Guitar padded soft case that fits nicely with mag inserted
- Boresnake and cleaning brush tip

The price is $900 TODAY! for the entire package. I prefer face to face in Reno, NV area, but will ship. Shipping charges are the buyers responsibility and your FFL must be willing to accept from an individual. I will not break up the package unless I get a really good offer on the gun by itself. I prefer email but IM works too. Please contact me with any questions.

Thanks for looking
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Bump to the top please
Dropped to $1400 for the package

Would consider a 3rd Gen Glock 19 plus cash.
Also would consider a cruider/bobber style street bike +/- cash.

Bump to the top with the last price drop because....

A) I am impatient


B) There is a Harley that needs the rest of a down payment asap!!!!

Please email or pm with any questions or offers.

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Bump it up.
Better than a Wasr. Better than a SAR. Better than a Yugo.

Don't miss out on this one!
Send an offer.
Dropped to $900 today!!

This is less than I paid for the rifle alone!! I found a screaming deal on a bike and need the down payment TODAY!!!

It doesn't get any better than this!
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