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AK Build Party

  1. Since the M1 carbines from the CMP have been delayed I've been kicking around the idea of trying to put together a parts kit.

    Would anyone be interested getting together to rent some of the tools, if we could find shop space?
  2. So nobody's interested?
  3. Hello...
    There used to be several build parties in the area some out at Knob Creek Range...

    Last year, I think it was in South Carolina the ATF sent under cover people to a build party that was promoted through a gun related forum and the organizers and participants were held accountable on compliance issues, one builder was a felon, and the organizers were charged with doing the building with out a liscence and people leaving with out serial numbering the Flats.

    I think the ATF doing this is Bull$hi%....

    You may have noticed the popularity of build parties has fallen off in the last year... You may want to try some of the AK forums and do a search for the threads I am refering to.. I may have some of the facts wrong.

    Try this Link it has helped me through my personal builds...
    http://gunsgutsandgod.com/SBS tutorial.htm

  4. I hadn't heard that, that does indeed suck. I appreciate the link though.
  5. I helped with a few of those AK builds and would suggest that you do put some numbers and marks on your gun if you use a flat.
    Some commercial recievers have issues with quality etc. if you go that route.

  6. I've heard good things about Ohio Ordnance Works, confirm/deny?
  7. One of my customers he used two of those to build on. The worst trouble he had was getting me to push out the rivets on his parts kit:)

    Yes pretty good
  8. DC industries I feel makes the Best AK reciever out there. The premium recievers are top notch. I ordered the custom serial number to match my kits and had the recievers blued.

    Yes they are pricey but you get what you pay for.... I have had no problems with Warped recievers, mis-alligned rails, or mis matched trunion holes.