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AK-47 and M16 guns fired more accurately?

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The accuracy of AK-47 and M16 rifles was not as varied as previous statistics.
The battle performance of AK-47 and M16 has been controversial for many years and will continue in the future.
Considering the effectiveness and power on the battlefield, the AK-47 was completely "broken" M16. However, the issue that needs to be clarified is the accuracy and range of the two guns.
M16 longer range AK-47?
According to the manufacturer, the range of the M16 is far superior to the AK-47. In fact, the M16 has a length of 508 mm and the AK-47 is 415 mm.
The longer the barrel is, the longer the range is, but it depends on the structure of the barrel and how to make it.
M16 longer barrels, so the design range is longer than the AK-47
M16 longer barrels, so the design range is longer than the AK-47
The range of the M16 was 500-800 meters, while the range of the AK-47 was about 300 meters in automatic mode, 400 meters in semi-automatic mode.
However, there is confusion in the way the definition of "effective range", "precise range" and "range of damage".
Effective firing is used to determine the target's fixed range of fire when in the hands of a soldier who has undergone basic training. The effective range of the original AK-47 was about 250 meters.
At the same time, the precise range is the extent to which the bullet retains its benchmark against the maximum line of sight, which requires that the gunner be highly technical and undergo professional training. It has a different effective range in that it can not shoot fast and does not apply to mass training.
This image shows that the AK-47 is better than the M16. That shows the technique of the gunner is very important
This image shows that the AK-47 is better than the M16, which suggests that the gunner's technique is very important.
Americans do not use the concept of effective range, so they have a misconception that the AK-47's range is not inferior or even superior to the M16 due to its specially designed ammunition.
Modern variants like the AK-74 with the help of optical viewfinders can destroy targets up to 800 meters away.
Bullets of the M16 have a large head caliber but quickly lose kinetic energy
AK-47 and M16 both use high-revolving ammunition to reduce the degree of dispersion. However, the design of the M16 warhead was not optimized with the AK-47.
Because of the design of non-optimal warheads and low kinetic energy, the M16's bullets were greatly affected by the wind speed and the damage dealt far less than the AK-47.
The AK-47's damage is superior to the M16
The AK-47's damage is superior to the M16
Tests showed that the M16's ammunition was reduced to 50% of the ability to hit the No. 4 (whip seller) at 400 meters.
The M16's scatter is always hidden by the Americans, but according to, the M16's "minute-angle" MOA ranges from 0.5 to 8 MOA (1.45 mph). - 23.2 cm at 100 meters).
Meanwhile, the AK-47's MOA ranges from 2 to 6 MOA (ie, the firing range is 5.8-17.4 cm at 100 meters).
The figures show that the M16's scaling is much larger than the AK-47's, and is different from what the US military has long advertised.
The muzzle velocity of the M16 is faster, but due to its small size, its kinetic energy is rapidly lost
The muzzle velocity of the M16 is faster, but due to its small size, its kinetic energy is rapidly lost
AK-47 has a higher firing range
Another problem that affected the accuracy of the AK-47 was that its firing rate was greater than that of M16 due to its larger cartridge size.
The AK-47's gas and piston extraction unit is near the front, so when the barrel is fired, it requires the gunman to hold the gun firmly.
Meanwhile, the M16 uses a gas hose to block the rear muzzle, without using the front piston so the bounce rate of the gun is less.
So, say AK-47 less accurate than M16 mainly due to the technique of firing, not due to the design of guns worse. The accuracy of a gun in addition to the design characteristics also depends greatly on the strength of the action, the experience of the gunner.
In terms of speed, the M16 has a theoretical firing rate of 950 capsules per minute, and the AK-47 has a speed of 600 capsules per minute. However, the shooting speed of the design and the actual difference is quite large. To assess the performance of a gun, military technicians also calculate the actual speed through the feature shot.
Field trials showed that the actual firing rate of AK-47 was about 100 capsules per minute, about 90 capsules per minute. On the other hand, the M16 must keep the gun steady if it does not overheat.
The M16A2 variant uses a 30-caliber magazine, which is thicker to prevent bending when fired, giving better shot. In terms of actual shooting speed, the M16 and AK-47 are almost identical.

AK-47 and M16 are considered standard, representing the two largest military schools in the world
For more than 40 years, the effectiveness of the M16 has always been a subject of much controversy among US military officials. The later improvements of the M16 made the guns better
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Reading that nonsense gave me a headache.
“30 caliber magazine” for a M16A2. Hmmm.
Capsules per-minute rate of fire.
Higher firing range.

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