Air Mike and Continental "stuff"

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    Jan 25, 2000
    There was a thread in GNG about what to do in Tucson and one person had suggested visiting the Evergreen facility in Marana, just north of Tucson. I checked out the site, one thing led to another and I found a site that features various boneyards around the world. He had a smattering of Air Mike stuff so I related to him how I had flown Air Mike in the early 70's and send him a couple of photos. He clamored for more so I took some digital photos of the stuff I had and posted them to my site for him to look at.

    According to him, the Continental 747 program didn't run for that long a period of time so the stuff I took out of the seat pocket is fairly rare. I also have my tickets from a couple of flights from Guam to Saipan to Guam ($28 roundtrip).

    The photos aren't great and they are high resolution so it will take a while to load if you're not on broadband. The images are all thumbnailed so the initial page will load fairly quickly but each image is about 350K if you click on it.

    If you're interested, take a look HERE.