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Aimpoint T1-Aimpoint PRO- Eotech EXPS 2-0

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Last month I upgraded all my RDS from Chicom cheapies to Aimpoint's and Eotech's.

First was an Aimpont PRO on a Palmetto build. Took about 8 rounds to get zeroed at 25 yrds. Nice and bright dot. held zero well through about 100 rds. I like it.

Next was the T1. I purchased mine as a set with the LRP quick release mount through RSR wholesale. It ships in a plain white cardboard box. The LRP mount is pretty nice and provides a lower 1/3 co witness. It mounts the optic tight and did not come loose in about 300 rounds. The lever lock is adjustable for receivers that may be slightly out of tolerance by tightening a screw, the throw lever locks in place when tightened and can be loosened by first pushing up, the opening the lever. The optic was easy to zero using the turret caps. Took about 12 rounds to get zeroed completely. Ran another 200 rounds through the gun with no change in zero

Last was the Eotech EXPS 2-0. This is the non NV optic but has the power and intensity switches on the left side and features a throw lever mount/riser combination that provides a lower 1/3 co witness. The mount is also adjustable for variation in receiver tolerance and locks up very tight when adjusted properly. It is light weight though heavier than the T1. Eotech reticule is really nice with the dot and circle. the view is large and clear. Got her sighted in at about 10 rounds. another few hundred rounds with no change in zero. This on a DSA Blemished lower with a Spikes upper. The upper has a Daniel Defense 16" pencil CHF barrel 1:7. It is becoming my favorite configuration.

All in all it was a good range day today
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I like my EXPS 2-0. Still shocked that I spent that much on an optic but the pain is over. At least until I get a magnifier!
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