I bought this used as a complete gun, but the frame is too big for my hand. I considered getting a grip reduction on it, but I hate to ruin the custom work that's already been done. I ended up going with a Lone Wolf frame to pair with the Agency slide, and have been hanging onto this one because I thought I might do something else with it. But it's probably time I got it into someone's hands who will actually use it.

This was a Glock 40, but it will fit a G20 or 21 (.45 ACP) slide too.

It has a complete 360 stipple with forward thumb index points, trigger guard work, and an Agency customized trigger group.

Asking $500 OBO, shipped from my FFL to yours. Don't be afraid to shoot me an offer, I've never sold a frame by itself before, especially a customized one, so I'm not real certain what to value this at.

I've attached a screenshot of what similar custom work would cost from Agency today (including trigger, FDE cerakote, not including buying the frame to begin with), but again, feel free to shoot me an offer.

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