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Aftermarket trigger for G30 Gen 4

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So I recently picked up a G30 Gen 4 for carry and range time. Really love the pistol except that I have small hands and the tip of my trigger finger just barely reaches over the front of the trigger. I though of having a grip reduction done but I really don't think I want to go that route. I also thought of a trigger guard undercut to get a little higher grip but I'm not sure that would help with my trigger issue or not. My next thought was maybe an aftermarket trigger, especially one that might sit a little further back inside the guard so that I could get my finger over the trigger a little more. I've been searching the web and there are lots of triggers for Glocks. Anyone with any ideas? Thanks.
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It's going to be difficult to figure out if an aftermarket trigger is going to fit you better. The aftermarket triggers I've used didn't change much dimensionally other than having a wider shoe. Glock pistols aren't for everyone. A good grip reduction would be a better option if you are going to stick with the Glock 30 and the platform. There are several vendors that does good work. That's of course adding to the cost of what you had put in when you purchased the gun. Good luck.

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