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Something that has always concerned me about CCW is, in the even of a justified SD shooting, the idea of a family/gang/friends retaliating. I've seen videos of muggings and attacks on innocent citizens, and clearly they are gang affiliated (all wearing same colors and bandanas). Say one of the citizens were armed and shot and killed one of the gang members, surely the others would be out for blood. More than likely the CCW holder's name would be plastered all over the media and would leak during trial/word of mouth. To me, that idea of constant paranoia and watching my back would become exhausting and overwhelming. It does not seem fair that after you protect the life or yourself and/or loved ones, then the need to do so greatly increases. I've asked around and seem to basically get the universal response of "well, you have to survive the encounter before the need to worry about what happens after." I'd love to hear your opinions on this, Mas.

I've registered for your MAG-40 in February. Can't wait to soak in all of the invaluable information you're known for sharing. Look forward to your response and meeting you in Feb.

Thanks, Mas!

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Your concerns in that regard are well based. Gang bangers have a long history of taking revenge on those who harm their brethren, and eliminating witnesses to crimes their members commit. It's not uncommon to see people move to another community after such incidents.

I think we can both agree, that sucks...but it also beats hell out of living in fear that you and your family will be murdered, and DEFINITELY beats hell out of not defending yourself and letting them murder you in the initial encounter.

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