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after market barrel for glock 21

  1. Checking I see a Lone Wolf barrel for 89.99 and a Storm Lake barrel for 189.00. Why is there such a difference in price between these two ? Is the Storm Lake that much better ? This is for a Glock 21 in 45 acp
  2. Unless you shoot lead, there is no reason to change from the OEM barrel. And the reason for that is cleaning lead from a OEM barrel is a PITA. Drop in barrels are no more accurate. You would have to get an over-sized barrel and have it gunsmith fitted. LoneWolfs are just fine for drop ins. Years ago Federal used to make drop in barrels for G21's and they were excellent and cheap.
  3. I went to KKM barrels in my G20 and G29. they have full support and tighter tolerances, are much easier on brass. the price is in between the two, but for me as a reloader, it will pay me back in no time. been very happy with the barrels. no feed issues, better accuracy, can shoot lead, and longer brass life.
  4. I read an article recently where the aftermarket barrels were rated for five companies. The two you mentioned were included.

    The Storm Lake came in at the "bottom" of the list AND had the WORST customer service too. The best is a company in Dakota's. The Marine Corp shooting team uses their barrels too, and they rated the highest on the list, but are the most pricey as well. As with most anything, you get what ya pay for. The Lone Wolf are fine. They not made by Lone Wolf, but made for them with their name and emblem stamped. You can get the emblem stamped on a different location so it does not show outside the pistol.
  5. Unless you want to shoot tons of lead ammo in a single session, getting an AM barrel is a complete and utter waste of money.
  6. Do you happen to know where I can read the article ?
    I only shoot about 50 lead reloads in a session and have not had any leading problems. The most I have shot is about 200 without cleaning the barrel. I shoot hard cast bullets at target velocities. I just had a thought of buying an after market just to be extra safe.
  7. If you keep an eye on leading and clean every 200 rounds or so, you are highly highly unlikely to have any issues. Most of the ammo I shoot is cast lead in 9mm. A few passes of a brass brush every 200 rounds- like 15 seconds of effort - and the lead is gone.
  8. So, you've had zero issues, not even any leading of the barrel, and yet you feel the need to replace your barrel?

    "Extra safe"..........definitely.
  9. Rebs, as long as you use hard cast lead and clean the barrel properly after each use, your factory barrel should do just fine. Your velocities are low, which helps prevent leading. When I had a G21, I used Laser Cast 200-gr LSWC bullets in it all the time.
  10. Some state hunting regs require longer barrels.
  11. <5MOA has been consistently achieved with all the popular bands of aftermarket barrels.

    But, a factory-length aftermarket barrel itself will net you very little. Even loading into +P+ range, by the time you start seeing bulged brass you will be a few hundred rounds away from significant frame damage. With cast-bullet target loads, I could pretty consistently put 3 shots into 1-1.5" at 25 yards with XS "minute-of-man" sights using the stock barrel.

    And don't even get me started on the "no lead in Glocks" lawyer nonsense.
  12. Aftermarket barrels can make a difference. Even though they are drop in they can still be made to tighter tolerances and lock up tighter. They typically have tighter chambers too, aiding in accuracy.

    Kyle Defoor says that KKM barrels make a big difference in accuracy. Team Glock uses KKM barrels as well and I feel like that says a lot.
  13. You might want to have a discussion with Lone Wolf, in the past tighter tolerances left ammo and reloaders disappointed, the barrels had to be reamed and a sample of the reloaded cartridge sent to Lone Wolf. I believe they were charging an additional $35.00 to ammend the barrel. Anyway suggest you inquiry about the tolerances. Good Luck.
  14. Pretty much all the aftermarket drop in barrels need to be finished reamed to your exact load, unless you just want to run WallyWorld White box ammo at 1.100" OAL. That is part of getting more accuracy out of it. And $35 is pretty cheap for a finish chamber ream.
  15. Kyle Defoor (whoever that is) and Team Glock get PAID to use KKM barrels. They do it for MONEY.

    For 98% of shooters, an AM barrel will do absolutely NOTHING. They're a complete and utter waste of money.
  16. Show me where Kyle gets paid by KKM.
  17. Show me where he doesn't.

    But, honestly, I have no clue who Kyle is, and I don't really care. It doesn't change the fact that AM barrels do basically nothing but take people's money.
  18. That doesn't even make any sense. The proof of burden is on you. But you can't proove where Kyle is paid by KKM. So you are just making assumptions. Classy.

    But here is Kyle's sponsorship page. Nothing about KKM. Kyle is one of the most highly regarded trainers in the industry and one of the best pistol shooters I've ever seen. If he says a KKM barrel makes a difference, I'll believe him. Also, I think he only recommends it for gen 3's.

  19. I don't know who "Kyle" is, nor do I care. And yes, I assumed he was some paid shooter.

    None of which changes the reality of AM barrels, including KKM. You can go all straw-man, and try and change what the actual topic of discussion is, but reality remains un-changed.