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Hi everybody, I've got a few questions about this event for anyone who's ever run it.

First, a little background. I am a lifelong 60 year old runner. I've always been a middle of the pack guy from 5k to 26.2 and back of the pack at distances from 50 to 100 miles. I've never run a sub 4 hour marathon but I have never trained specifically for the distance either. My best effort was a 4:17:27 at the Tupelo Marathon when I was in my 40's.

The last several years I've just been that old guy that jogs around the neighborhood and waves to the kids and talks to the stray dogs and I got pretty fat (at 5' 9" 210) and even slower.

Earlier this year I decided to pick up the pace a little and also lose this flab. I'm now down to 151 pounds and feel pretty good, although my body composition can still use some work.

I am currently running 4.25 miles, 5 days a week with Tuesday being a lactate threshold run above 80% MHR for three miles. Saturday is about 9.5 miles at an easy pace and Sunday is devoted to church and family.

My goal is to run a sub 3:55:00 marathon which at 60 will qualify me for Boston and I was wondering if anyone has any firsthand experience with the AF Marathon course. Is it fast, or slow, are the aid stations well managed and stocked, are there porta-johns along the course, etc., etc.

Anything you can think of (including old fart training tips) will be appreciated.

Happyguy :)
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