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  1. This thing is driving me nuts -

    Tried to log onto AOL yesterday - as soon as I hit sign on my PC restarted - went into a cycle where it would reboot - for ever -

    my spy ware now keeps finding something called COMMAND SERVICES - I have tried 4 different spy ware programs - they seem to kill it - but then it comes back.

    I uninsulated AOL - reinstalled AOL - ran virus / spy ware - and everything seemed to be normal again -

    then COMMAND SERVICES pops back up.

    Anyone know how to kill this beast/
  2. Download and unzip Ren-cmdservice to your desktop.
    It will only work correctly if the folder is placed on your desktop and extracted.


    Open the ren-cmdservice folder by doubleclicking it and then doubleclick the
    ren-cmdservice.bat file to run the program.
    A text will open when it is finished, Copy it if you can.
    Then restart.
  3. Running from C:\Documents and Settings\BILL\Desktop\ren-cmdservice\ren-cmdservice

    cmdService Not present

    Post this in the forum please.

    OK - should this solve the problem?
  5. It may be a false positive. What antivirus and antispyware programs do you have?
  6. BTW - Thanks for the help - I was within minutes of using the hammer to fix this thing.

    Anti virus - McAfee

    I also ran Windows malicious software tool

    I normally use Ad-ware and AOLspyware protection

    but since this issue have also tried Spybot, Superantispyware and Dr. Web anti virus

    When I try and start the PC it goes to a screen that has several options

    safe mode
    One other option I can't recall
    Last good configuration

    If I select safe or normal mode it does not boot up - it just (eventually) takes me back to the same screen

    If I select - last good configuration it will boot up.

    Shortly after boot up is complete i get the notice from AOLspyware that COMMAND SERVICE has been found and blocked.

    If I click on AOL start up button - my PC crashes and tries to reboot.

    Bitter sweet -

    I bought a new PC on Thursday - just got it all set up - the old one (that I am having problems with now) still worked - I planned to keep it as a back up!
  7. I recommend uninstalling McAfee, Adaware(new version is trouble), Superantispyware, Dr Web and AOL spyware protection.

    Try the Comodo security programs.

    Comodo antivirus


    Comodo antimalware


    Comodo firewall


    Keep Spybot


    Advanced Windows Care


    If you are using AOL Browser you should install Mozilla Firefox, copy your bookmarks and then uninstall the AOL browser.