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Advice needed about Honda Civic

Discussion in 'Car Forum' started by HydraShok, Jul 19, 2007.

  1. HydraShok

    HydraShok Millennium Member

    May 30, 1999
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    Hey all,

    I am not mechanically savvy at all. I recently test drove a 1994 Honda Civic DX Hatchback and it drove well. I was thinking I might buy it but decided to run a carfax on it first. The report indicated that the vehicle had been in 2 crashes, one was listed as severe. Is it possible to fully fix a car crashed bad enough to warrant being listed as severe? I really liked the car and I need a car at this point as mine is breaking new things every week, but I don't want to get something that isn't going to be safe for me and my son.
  2. bps72


    Jul 12, 2007
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    If you have no mechanical skills, don't buy something that has had troubles in the past. Fenderbenders are a different matter than straightening out a unibody from a serious crash. Aren't there other decent cars with fewer than 170K miles available? See about getting a mechanic to give you an opinion on whatever you buy, unless he stands to make big bucks off of a lemon.