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I will chime in here. When I saw discreet I thought you meant you didn't want your paypal account name disclosed. Which is why I had you send me the payment request.

In the future tell folks, what they can and can't put in the description.

According to Paypal policy, the sale of ammo through paypal is a violation of their terms of service. So if you got suspended for that, it makes sense.

But gun related products like holsters are not a violation of Paypal' ToS and you should not be banned or suspended for selling holsters using Paypal. Holsters are sold all the time on Ebay using Paypal with no suspension.

Regarding credit card processing, there are other processors that you could use to sell items and still take credit cards. I am sure a number of folks here could suggest ways to do that. My local bank charges jsut $20 a month and 3% transaction fee to take credit cards on-line. You can get similar deals from Costco and Sams Club. You may also want to look at Yahoo Store as another way.

I am very sorry if I got you suspended, I did not know what you meant by discrete.

But you shouldn't be suspended for selling holsters, they are legal under the Paypal ToS. As I said privately, I would write a letter to Paypal on your behalf if you desire. They shouldn't have bounced you for selling a holster.
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