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    A man visited a whorehouse one hot summer day. After getting to the room with the lady of his preference, he learned that the air conditioner was broken. The two worked up quite a sweat in no time, and the girl suggested that they slip out the window onto the roof, so they tugged the mattress outside and resumed their activities.
    The fellow was so worked up, he rolled off the mattress and over the edge of the roof, taking the gal along for the ride. They ended up in a heap in the alley below, knocked cold.
    A drunk staggered past, saw the two, still coupled, and weaved an unsteady path to the front door of the house. The madam answered the doorbell with an angry shout....."Get the hell outta here, you drunken bastard! You'll bring the cops down on us!"
    "Relax, lady...." slurred the drunk...."I just wanna let you know that yer sign fell off the roof!"