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Advantage of a SA over a DA/SA wheel guns

  1. Sorry for the newb question but can someone shed some light on this for me? Wanting to get back in the revolver game and I just don't get it. Why not have both options? I do see that most SA guns are old school cowboy type guns. So is it just a preference on the style/nostalgia? Or are the SA's more accurate?

    Thanks for the input in advance.
  2. As far as I can tell, the SA only guns are for cowboy action shooting events.
  3. The Colt Single Action Army has great balance and pointability. A bonus for instinctive point shooting.

    The single action mode of fire is not a disability for many shooters, the problem is with the loading gate method of ejecting empty cases and reloading fresh cartridges. It's too slow.
  4. Many like the SA's grip and the way it sits in hand.
  5. Occasionally you can find early Colt Officer Target or S&W K38's or 14s in single action only used in bullseye competition when the norm was DA. So yeah, accurate consistant trigger pull w/ crisp let off.

    A lot of handgun hunters who use DA revolvers will shoot in SA for that reason.

    But mostly cowboy shootin' irons come that way nowadays.
  6. Some people don't need double action. I like the convenience of loading and unloading a double action but the extra cost and complexity are issues. Ejector rods can unscrew, crud can get under the ejector star, cranes can get bent. For purely recreational shooting, field carry or hunting I prefer a single action like the Ruger Blackhawk or Super. In addition, for many people magnums are more comfortable in a single action due to the grip shape. I have no interest in cowboy shooting or cowboy guns, just good shooting guns.
  7. Ruger Blackhawk & SuperBlackhawk have solid frames that allow for some crazy hot handloads.
  8. SA guns are fun and some have very nice ergonimics. The majority of SA revolvers owners have them for hunting or nostalgia. Having to manually cock the hammer for shot and the excruciatingly reload time make them a less than viable self defensive tool, IMO.
  9. Single actions tend to live easier lives in terms of lockwork since theres no high speed cylinder to stop or accelerated hand wear.
    The single action grip also tends to roll in the hand, reducing the straight back blow to the hand and thumb under recoil.
    The solid frame is a big plus for durability too.
  10. The advantage would be a guy named Adams has a patent on one and we can't make a gun using it until 1876.
  11. All of this.

    I think Ruger could chamber the Blackhawk in .458 Winchester Magnum and the plow handle grip frame would allow me to shoot it comfortably.