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Advantage Arms mags

  1. I have an aa .22 conversion for my G19. I saw one of the local shops has one for a 26 which I also own. I have been trying to find out with no luck thus far if a pinky extension can be added to the AA mags. Anyone know?
  2. I'm not sure if you can add one but they have one with it already added.


    AA 26/27 Extended Mag

  3. You can try to install a Glock mag base to see if it fits. Borrow one from somebody, it doesn't even have to be the pinky curve one. This is just to see if the rails will mate. There also might be a difference in retainer hole size. You might have to enlarge the hole. I'm looking at my AA mags right now and can't remember which has the larger hole because I sold my .40 upper & mags and my frame is now a dedicated .22lr.
  4. Thats awesome! I had a Glock 23 before I sold it and got my 19. I shot about 500 rounds with the .22 for every 50 rounds through the .40. It is so addicting. Im destroying playing cards at 10 yards and milk jugs at 50 yards. Im blown away with the accuracy of the AA kit.
  5. I purchased an AA kit this week for my G21 and got to shoot it today. As you said, I am very impressed with the accuracy of this unit. It is very well made and the magazine is top rate. I did find that using the loading tool made loading the mag a bit easier than just trying to stuff rounds in the mag with my cold fingers. I had no trouble keeping shots on the 5" Shoot-N-C target at 25yds and made some great groups at 13yds.

    Some target velocity did have failure to feed issues but regular velocity ammo was flawless. The target velocity seems to give tighter groups however.

    All in all, this is another product that I am very pleased with. Great to be able to shoot my G21 without having to burn up expensive .45 ammo or even more expensive 10mm ammo in my conversion barrel.

    This is a great package that I now have. The pistol has a Robar grip reduction, a 10mm LW barrel, LW extended SS slide, AA conversion kit and soon I will be getting a long .45 barrel to go with the extended slide as well.