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Advantage Arms L.E. G29/30 Gens 1-4

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.22LR Conversion Kit
Advantage Arms L.E. G29/30 fits Gens 1-4

The G30 Advantage Arms kit is no longer made as most of you know. This one has been pretty good to us. It prefers Remington Golden Bullets as far as I can tell. This was the platform I taught my wife to shoot with. I'm not sure if she was limp wristing or what but she would have an issue or 2 every 100 rounds or so. I personally never seemed to have any troubles with it until it got a little dirty. Oddly I must have the one kit that didn't prefer the recommended CCI's. Go figure. It will run on anything we just seemed to have less issues with Rem. GBs. The kit comes with 6 spare G21 size 10 round mags with X-grip adapters on them. <<<That makes for a really nice grip. Later on I bought her a Ruger Mark IV Hunter to be her dedicated 22lr trainer. I also installed TruGlo fiber optics on this. Only flaw it has is when I pushed the fiber optics on the steel of the sights curled up a bit of the aluminum slide. Hardly noticeable but you can see this in the pics I took.

$325 OBO

If you want to practice inexpensively with the same trigger as your carry gun then this is for you. If you struggle shooting alot of .45 ACP in one go then maybe pick this up. It took me months of searching until I found one of these. I have over $500 into this setup.

If you need more pictures just ask. I can also direct you to other forums where I have 100% positive feedback.

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