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Advantage Arms Glock 17/22 size 22lr magazines - BNIB

PM only for communication please.
First one to post "I'll take it" in this thread gets the item. I have this cross posted and the same rule applies everywhere.
Asking questions will not cause me to hold this item for you. See above.
Payment via USPS MO or PayPal +3.5%
No gift payments accepted
I have a busy schedule, so it may take me a few days to ship this out after payment is received.
Only trades I am interested in is ammo (range ammo in 9mm, 300blk, 45acp, or 22lr)

I have 2 brand new Advantage Arms brand magazines for sale brand new in the bag. These are for use in the Glock 17 or 22 size frames with an Advantage Arms 22lr conversion kit. They may or may not work with other brands of 22lr conversion kits for Glock. I don't have any others so I can not verify.

These were part of a larger deal that I came into and I don't have a full size Glock gun to run these in.

Note that they are the older magazines with the steel feed lips, not the all plastic ones that AA is currently producing. I have seen reports where these steel lipped mags are supposedly more reliable and durable than the current manufacture plastic lipped mags.

They are black, 10-rd capacity, brand new in the sealed baggies.

Current pricing is ~$36 / ea plus shipping from Advantage Arms.

Buy mine for $57.10 shipped CONUS or $50 if local to zip 98108 (S Seattle) for both.




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9. The Glock Classifieds are not forums to discuss the merit of the item for sale, the price of the item for sale, etc. If you don’t like the price, description, etc., don’t buy it or negotiate in a private conversation, not in the ad.

10. Do not snipe at other peoples' ad posts or harass the advertiser. DO NOT post rude/smart-ass/argumentative replies to other people's ad messages. If you have a legitimate problem with the item being listed, contact the OP directly and privately. If you want to negotiate price, contact the OP directly and privately.
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