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Advantage Arms .22lr Conversion Compatibility with Polymer 80

  1. Anyone have any experience with the Advantage Arms .22lr conversion kit being successfully used with the Polymer 80/PF940Cv1? I’m interested in any & all comments successful or not. Thanks

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  2. Just a suggestion. I’d give AA a call an speak with one of the techs. You’ll prob end up with more info than what you may get here.
  3. Understand, per their website, they say it is Not compatible but I have read comments in various forums that say it is. Just trying to get some real world comments from those that may have tried and either failed or were successful but had to tweak the Polymer 80 or conversion kit. Thanks

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  4. Update, have over 300 rnds through my Polymer 80 frame with the Advantage Arms .22lr conversion kit. It works great. The only ammo I’ve had a problem with is the AM22. Tends to Stove Pipe.
    Shot a Steel Match this weekend and alternated between my after marked Glock 19 upper & the Advantage Arms .22lr Kit. Used Federal’s 788BF and not a single issue! This is a winner for me!

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  5. As an FYI, shot another Steel match today with the Advantage Arms.22lr Conversion Kit upper and my Polymer 80 lower. Put another 133 rnds of Federal’s 788BF thru it and it performed flawlessly. This is a keeper. No further posts unless I run into problems.

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  6. Paid over 300 for it used.
    I shot pistol match 40gn and copper 22s

  7. Hope it performed well for you. As I mentioned earlier, it doesn’t like the AM22. Tends to stove pipe with it. Works well with Blazer #0021, CCI’s #0032 and Remmington’s 16622C sling with Federal/Champion 745.
    Are you using a Glock 19 frame?
  8. I've had this problem with the primers getting caught in the extraction port on several occasions.

    It has a problem with light strikes and refuses to lock back on the last round.
  9. Sorry to hear that your having problems.
    Was Advantage Arms of any help in trying to resolve the problems?
    Mine continues to lock back each and every time with each of the 5 mags I use. As an FYI, I run the AA upper very wet ie use a lot of CLP each and every time.
  10. I really like my Advantage Arms.22lr Conversion Kit. I was going to buy a P80 but decided just to buy another Glock 17 to put it on, so I did. :fred:
  11. Congrats
    Hope your having as much fun with it as I am and it is running trouble free for you.
  12. Yes. I take it to my range and if anyone asks about Glock. That is my loaner. Remington Golden Bullets have been 100% perfect as well as the CCI Mini-Mag.

    Being a senior with a joint disease I can still shoot frequently too.
  13. Glad the AA Conversion unit is working for & you found .22lr ammo that consistently goes bang for you.
    More importantly, that by using the AA kit, it allows you to continue to enjoy shooting while not taking a heavy toll on your body.
    Take care!
  14. My AA kit works fine with my Polymer 80 frame. I bought the frame specifically for the AA kit (gen3 IIRC). I wanted to leave the AA uppper more or less permanently mounted. I used stock Glock parts in the receiver; and no problems yet. I use the Remington Golden Bullet as it's one of the recommended bullets for the AA kit.
  15. Congrats
    Your experience mirrors mine to date with the AA upper & my Polymer 80 lower. Guess AA was just trying to conver themselves when in the FAQ’s they do not recommend or encourage it. The closer your Polymer 80 build is to spec the better chance you have of it working.
    I do switch the upper out to my 9 MM upper to shoot USPSA & Steel at times. I’ve even shot one steel Match with both my 9MM upper & the AA upper. Talk about confusing and switching out the uppers in a timely manner so as not to hold up our squad by I did it successfully. Now if I was just a better shooter.
  16. Not sure if I should make this a new thread or not, but I'm hoping someone can help me trouble shoot my AA kit and P80 frame.

    It's a well-used AA kit that I've had for years, and the P80 is brand new.

    The problem seems to be between the AA barrel and either the slide lock or locking block of the P80.

    When attaching the slide to the frame, the final step of pushing on the muzzle of the barrel fails to make the slide lock lever click into the "up" position.

    I tried swapping parts with other slide lock levers and slide lock lever springs, thinking that used parts would have worn engagement services and lighter spring tension, thinking if it was just a slightly too tight tolerance issue.

    Any ideas?
  17. I have not used my AA Kit on a P80 frame.
    Mine works great on a gen2 G-17 frame, and even better on a gen3 G-17 frame.
  18. Thanks both for your comments. @Rusty Guns yep this particular AA kit normally runs AOK on my Gen 2 19 frame, so I know the kit is solid. @JAA yes I'm good on that front. Before swapping the new spring for a used one, I also was wondering if maybe it wasn't seated deeply enough, so was creating more upward tension on the SLL than necessary. I put several mags worth of live rounds through a centerfire upper on this frame yesterday, so I'll do that some more and maybe things will wear in.
    Haven't found much else on the web about this but I'll keep looking.
  19. [​IMG]
  20. Good luck in getting to the solution. It’s fun to shoot whether a Glock or Polymer 80 frame.

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  21. For what it’s worth looking closer at your pic, the slide lock pin is not in the up position with the slide removed. See my pic below. From my experience (I’m not gunsmith) when I’ve had a functioning issue with my AA slide & Poly 80 frame it always came back to the Slide Lock not being properly seated. I have 2 9MM slides that I also run on my Poly 80 frame. One with a red dot and one with irons. I interchange them frequently w/o issue. The only slide I have issue with when I interchange them is the AA slide. It takes some tweaking each time to get the slide lock in proper position. Just my experience. Good luck!

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  22. Yep, I agree, that's what I was referring to in my first post about the SLL not going up all the way, and I wanted to attach the pic so other people could see the issue on the actual gun in question.

    When you say that yours takes some tweaking, did this tweaking get easier over time? Do you have a sense of which specific engagement surfaces aren't quite meshing ideally?
  23. Quick background, have in excess of 3,000 rnds on my Poly 80 frame with ~1700 of the rnds coming from my AA slide. Having said that, never had any issues with fit/functioning of the 9MM’s 80percentglock slide or the Swenson optic cut slide. I would change these slides out during steel challenge matches to shot RD & irons for speed comparisons.
    When I got my AA slide, it worked great from day one on my Poly 80 frame. In fact, I used it for steel Challenge and swap it back & forth with one or the other 9MM slides for seed comparisons.
    Having said that, once I approached ~700 rnds on the AA slide it became more difficult to interchange it at matches with one of the 9MM slides like I use to do in the beginning. At a 1,000 rnds I could not switch it efficiently at the steel matches for my next time up due to the tweaking it needed. So now I oil it up put it on my Poly 80 frame and it stays there from start to finish.
    So after all of that verbiage, to answer your question it has gotten worse over time where the 9MM slides have stayed the same or gotten easier over time to install & remove.
    Does it go back to the SLL spring or the AA unit interns of how the recoil spring/barrel fit in the frame. I don’t know. I make a habit now of when changing out the slide or cleaning, I use a ouch to press on the SLL Spring to insure its seated. However I still spend more time tweaking the AA slide to get the SLL in the up position on the frame.
    Good luck

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  24. No solution yet, but I've posted a reddit thread as well (link) so i wanted to have the pics here for other people who may have a similar issue and we can help each other troubleshoot.

    The difference in the locking lugs of the barrel is what I suspect to be the issue.

    The OEM has a slightly longer "flat" area, and shorter "angled" area than the Advantage arms





    But, given that, I have no idea what to do.

    I also suspect perhaps there's some difference in angle of the locking block? So the rear "tail" of the AA barrel's lug engages differently than the OEM barrel (which explains why the AA kit works OK on the OEM frame vs. the P80 frame)