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On The Defense, LLC and Right Defense, LLC will be conducting an advanced concealed carry course on Sat. July 26, 1:00PM-10:30PM. We have space for 3 more students!

This course IS NOT FOR BEGINNERS!!!!!! Students MUST be comfortable, practice the safety rules and somewhat proficient with their firearms.

Some of the techniques covered in this course will include, but not limited to:

-drawing from concealment drills
-shooting from around cover and barricades
-shooting from the prone and supine positions
-shooting/moving drills
-flashlight techniques
-night shooting with flashlight
-malfunction/clearing drills
-point shooting
-and much more

Because this is an advanced CCW course, we will require students to have obtained their concealed handgun licenses (CHL) prior to taking this course.

Required items will include the following, and we will contact confirmed students with a final list of items prior to the class:

-daily carry gun
-strong side holster
-400 rounds of ammo for your firearm
-3 magazines for the carry gun
-flashlight with an on/off button on the end, such as a Surefire flashlight
-folding lawn chair
-hat and concealment garment
-knee pads (elbow pads optional)

Course will run $175, dinner and bottled water will be provided!

Contact Linda immediately (preferably throung email) if you would like in this class!

Linda Walker
On The Defense, LLC
[email protected]

Clint Lake
Right Defense, LLC

***This course will qualify to recertify your original training certificate, for your next CHL renewal***
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