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Acronym Reference etc.

Discussion in 'Band of Glockers' started by Pepe308, Apr 6, 2006.

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    I noticed some of the BoGs had a hard time understanding the acronyms we tend to use. I hope this would help our guys here both newbie and "not newbie". Actually, I got this from other thread/forum. Like to add the word "ngongo" but I don't really understand its meaning yet. I hope I didn't violate any law or patent or something.

    AFAIK - as far as I know

    A.L.I.C.E. - All purpose Lightweight Individual Carrying Equipment

    BG - bad guy; big grin (as in <BG> or a smiley)

    BOHICA - bend over here it comes again

    BTT - back to top

    BTW - by the way

    COD - cash on delivery

    CONDITION RED - Under attack.

    CONDITION ORANGE - Heightened awareness; alert to potential threats.

    CONDITION YELLOW - Normal awareness of one’s environment.

    CONDITION WHITE - Unawareness of one’s environment.

    CQB - close quarters battle

    CQC - close quarters combat

    CRPA - certified royal pain in the a__

    DAISNAID - do as I say, not as I do

    DFTT - don't feed the troll

    DVC - Diligentia Vis Celeritas - Latin for Accuracy, Power, Speed

    Flame - insults... mud slinging. Not permitted on TFL.

    FUBAR - fouled up beyond all recognition

    FWIW - for what it's worth

    FYI - for your info

    GG - good guy

    GI - government issue

    IDPA - International Defensive Pistol Association

    IINM - if I’m not mistaken

    IIRC - if I remember correctly

    IMO - in my opinion

    IMHO - in my humble opinion

    IMNSHO - in my not so humble opinion

    IPSC - International Practical Shooting Confederation

    IRL - in real life

    IYDMMA - if you don’t mind me asking

    JMO - just my opinion

    KISS - keep it simple stupid

    KYPD - keep your powder dry

    LEO - law enforcement officer

    LMAO - laughing my a__ off

    LOL - laughing out loud

    NIB - New in Box

    NOYB - none of your business

    OF - old fart

    OFIT - old fart in training

    OMG - oh my gosh

    OTOH - on the other hand

    POS - piece of s___

    PTL&PTA - praise the lord and pass the ammunition

    REMF - rear echelon mother f_____; derogatory name for a non-combatant in a combat zone or a military occupational specialty that would keep one from combat duty were hostilities to be engaged

    RKBA - right to keep and bear arms

    ROTF - rolling on the floor

    ROTFL - rolling on the floor laughing

    ROTFLMAO - rolling on the floor laughing my a__ off

    RPA – royal pain in the a__

    SAS - Second Amendment Sisters; Special Air Service (British military special operations unit)

    SHTF - s___ hits the fan

    Sic Semper Tyrannis - thus to tyrants forever

    SNAFU - situation normal, all fouled up

    SOP - standard operating procedure

    SWAT - special weapons and tactics

    TANSTAAFL = there ain't no such thing as a free lunch

    TEOTWAWKI - the end of the world as we know it

    TIA - thanks in advance

    Troll - someone posting with the purpose of inflaming or starting an emotional

    response... basically done by jerks with nothing better to do with their spare time.

    TRT - Tyranny Response Team

    TTHR - take the high road

    TTW - taunting the wookie

    URL - uniform resource locator

    WTF - what the f___

    WTF2 - what the f___ was that for?

    WTFO - what the f___, over

    WTSHTF - when the s___ hits the fan

    WYSIWYG - what you see is what you get

    YMMV - your mileage may vary

    Ammunition, Technical, Gun-Related

    ACP - automatic Colt pistol

    AE - action express

    Anneal - To soften metal by heating. Used to extend the useful reloading life of brass cartridge case necks by softening them and permitting more reloading operations to be performed before the work hardening effect of the cold, forced reshaping of the resizing operation causes metal fatigue in the neck area and makes the brass case unusable for further reloading. Brass and copper are annealed by fast cooling, usually by quenching, from a heated condition. Steel is annealed by a slow cooling. Quenching of steel from high heat has the opposite effect from the same treatment of brass and copper.

    AP - armor piercing

    API - armor piercing, incendiary

    APT - armor piercing, tracer

    AR - assault rifle

    BAR - Browning Automatic Rifle

    Bearing Surface - that portion of a bullet that contacts the bore of the barrel as it travels from chamber to muzzle. Sufficient bearing surface is required for good accuracy.

    BBWC - Bevel Base Wadcutter (bullet design)

    BC - ballistic coefficient: indexed measure of a bullets ability to overcome resistance in flight relative to the performance of a standard projectile used to compute ballistics tables. (mathematically: ratio of bullet's SD to its coefficient of form, or the ratio of bullet's weight to the product of the square of its diameter and its form factor (coefficient of form)).

    Bedding - material and/or methods used to fit rifle action to a stock.

    BMG - Browning machine gun

    Bore - the inside of a firearm's barrel.

    Bore sight - to align the sights of a firearm by sighting through the barrel bore

    BP - black powder

    BPCR - black powder cartridge rifle

    Brisance (brissance) - the "shattering" effect of explosives; the burn rate, in terms of acceleration, i.e., how quickly is the maximum burn rate of an explosive mass reached?

    BT - boattail (bullet design)

    Bullet - the projectile which is expelled from a firearm's barrel at firing

    Burn rate - the relative speed at which gun powders burn (explode) This is determined by the size and shape of granules, amount and nature of any coatings and, in some cases, specific physical design of the granules, such as perforations, tubes, rods, ball (beads) or disk shapes (flattened beads).

    Cal. - Caliber (inches or millimeters); projectile (bullet) diameter or diameter of some specifically defined point in the bore of a barrel; the nominal or approximate diameter of a bore expressed similarly. NOT the same as a cartridge chambering! Caliber is diameter only. .223 Remington is not a caliber. It is a chambering. The number .223 alone, however is understood to mean the .223 Remington, but literally is a caliber. There are several chamberings that use the .223 caliber of bullet or bore. .30-'06 is a chambering. It uses a .308 caliber bullet.

    Cartridge - completed assembly, comprised of a case (the central component), primer (for ignition), powder (primary energy source) and bullet (projectile). The cartridge is placed into the chamber and confined by a breech device for firing.

    CCW - concealed carry weapon

    Chamber - the portion of a firearm which contains the cartridge at firing.

    Chambering - i.e., "This rifle is available in the following chamberings: …"; Specific machined dimensions to the interior rearmost portion of a barrel which results in a chamber that will accept and safely fire one cartridge design only, i.e., .30-'06 Springfield, .270 Winchester, .223 Remington, .38-55 Winchester-Ballard, .45-'70 Government, etc. Although acceptable chamber dimensions are defined and accepted throughout the firearms industry by the ANSI-approved SAAMI, there are many "wildcat" and "improved" variations of standard SAAMI chamberings in use.

    Charge - quantity of powder; usually in grains. One avoirdupois pound equals 7,000 grains.

    Choke - in a shotgun, the taper in the last few inches of the barrel. This is usually a tightening of the bore to a slightly smaller diameter from the actual gauge measurement of the barrel. Some typical choke names, from least to most taper, are: cylinder (no taper), improved cylinder (or simply: "improved"), modified cylinder ("modified") and full choke ("full"). This is not a complete list, but typical.

    CLASS III - Refers to the Class III FFL required to deal in NFA items (full-auto, suppressors, etc.)

    Clip – A strip of metal that is used to hold cartridges together to facilitate the loading into (usually) an internal rifle magazine.

    CONDITION 1 - Pistol: Full magazine, cartridge in chamber, hammer cocked, safety on. AKA "cocked and locked."

    CONDITION 2 - Pistol: Full magazine, cartridge in chamber, hammer down, safety off.

    CONDITION 3 - Pistol: Full magazine, chamber empty.

    CONDITION 4 - Pistol: Full magazine separate from gun, chamber empty.

    Components (reloading) - individual components that make up the "recipe" for a hand loaded cartridge. The four components are: primer, case, bullet and powder.

    CRUISER READY - Shotgun: Full magazine, chamber empty, hammer down, safety off.

    CUP - copper units of pressure; a method of measuring chamber pressure, most common with shotguns

    Cylinder Gap - the distance between the front of the cylinder and the rear of the barrel in a revolver.

    DA - double action, as opposed to single action (SA), DA cocks the hammer and positions a cartridge for firing with a single pull, through full travel, of the trigger

    DAO - double action only

    DEWC - double ended wadcutter (bullet design)

    FMJ - full metal jacket (bullet design)

    FN - There are several arms factories in different countries which use the initials "FN", standing roughly for National Factory. The best known FN is the Belgian arms manufacturer, Fabrique Nationale d'Armes d'Guerre or National Factory of War Arms, in Leige and Herstal, Belgium.FN was the developer of the Fusil Automatique Leger or Light Automatic Rifle, commonly called the FAL or FN-FAL. FALs are or have been the standard service rifle of a number of countries, including most of the British commonwealth, and were manufactured in several countries. Several semi-auto only versions are available on the U.S. market.Also: flat nose (bullet design)

    FP - flat point (bullet design)

    FPS - feet per second

    FTF - failure to feed/failure to fire

    G&A - Guns & Ammo (print magazine)

    GA - gauge (also: ga.)

    GC - gas check; a copper-zinc alloy cup used as gilding to protect the base of lead bullets from hot gas obduration during internal ballistics.

    H&R - Harrington & Richardson, a manufacturer of firearms

    HBWC - hollow base wad cutter (bullet design)

    Headspace - measurement between two points in a chamber which are the confining boundaries of cartridge movement during chambering and firing. Insufficient headspace hinders complete chambering of the cartridge. Excessive headspace permits case stretching and can permit case separation, which will permit high pressure gas leakage during the firing/pressure cycle. Very dangerous to equipment and shooter. Headspace is defined and measured differently for each case design. Rimless, rimmed and belted bottleneck cases each have a method unique to the design and a measurement specific to the chambering. Straight walled cases, rimless and rimmed, also have unique methods and cartridge-specific measurements.

    HD - Home Defense

    Hodgdon - modern gun powder manufacturer

    HP - hollow point (bullet design)

    IMR - modern gun powder manufacturer: Improved Military Rifle; formerly DuPont

    JHC - jacketed hollow cavity (bullet design)

    JFP - jacketed flat point (bullet design)

    JHP - jacketed hollow point (bullet design)

    JMB - John Moses Browning. The designer of some of the best guns ever made.

    KYPD - keep your powder dry

    LOS - line of sight

    LRN - lead round nose (bullet design)

    LSWC - lead semi-wad cutter (bullet design)

    LWC - lead wad cutter (bullet design)

    Mag. - magazine; magnum; also: mag.

    Magazine- ammunition holders that are equipped with a spring to move the ammo, these are not clips.

    MM - Millimeters; also mm

    MV - muzzle velocity, usually in fps. Velocity of the bullet at or very near the muzzle of the barrel

    MOA - minute of angle

    O/U - over/under (shotgun)

    OAL - overall length

    Ogive - a measure of the curvature forward portion of the bullet. The radius of the ogive is usually expressed in multiples or fractions of the caliber.

    PBR - point blank range

    PDW – Personal Defense Weapon

    POA - point of aim.

    POI - point of impact.

    PPC - Cartridge designed in 1974 by Dr. Louis Palmisano and Ferris Pindell. Based on the 220 Russian case with a head diameter of .441 - .445. Considered to be the most efficient cartridge design available, the .22 cal PPC and 6mm PPC virtually dominate benchrest accuracy competition in the world today.

    PSI - pounds per square inch; also: psi. This is the normally accepted measure of pressure exerted on the inside wall of the chamber of a modern rifle or handgun during the firing cycle. By convention and tradition, a shotgun pressure rating is in CUP. PSI is slowly replacing the use of CUP as a standard reference of pressure in all firearms testing and pressure proofing.

    RN - round nose (bullet design)

    S&W - Smith & Wesson

    SA - single action, as opposed to double action (DA), SA releases the trigger for primer contact and firing AFTER cocking of the hammer and positioning of the cartridge for firing by means other than pulling the trigger.

    SAA - Single Action Army; a famous design of revolver by Colt used in early America and credited with finalizing the popularity of mass produced, brass cartridge handguns. This is the cowboy revolver of Hollywood Western Motion Pictures.

    SAAMI - Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers Institute; an accredited standards developer for the American National Standards Institute (ANSI)

    SAF - Second Amendment Foundation

    SD - sectional density; ratio of bullet's weight, in pounds, to its cross-sectional area, in inches.

    SJHP - semi-jacketed hollow point

    SKS - Samozaryadnaya Karabina Simonova, or Self-loading carbine Simonov. Sergei Gavrilovich Simonov was one of the old Soviet Union's foremost arms designers. The rifle was adopted by the USSR in 1945, and was made both there and in China.

    SLR - self loading rifle

    SMG - sub machine gun

    SP - soft point (a bullet design)

    SWC - semi wadcutter (a bullet design)

    TC - truncated cone (a bullet design)

    Throat - leade, freebore. That portion of the barrel bore immediately forward of the chamber. In some rifle chamber designs, the throat may be long and may transition into a relatively slow taper to full depth of lands and grooves (rifling). In other rifle designs the throat is relatively short and the transition to full depth rifling is abrupt, although all barrels have some taper from throat to full depth rifling. The immediate effect of the two extremes in design is to determine the maximum distance a bullet may protrude out the front of the case. This determines the final overall length of the loaded cartridge, for a given bullet shape.

    TMJ - total metal jacket (a bullet design)

    WC - wad cutter (a bullet design)
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    And if you need to know more acronyms, you can check out Acronym Finder! :)