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About to buy an Eotech, couple questions

  1. I'm about to pull the trigger on a Eotech for my AR (taking advantage of Primary Arms special on the free mag). Would like to ask a couple questions to the ppl here.

    The Eotech XPS2-2 has a 2nd dot below the primary one. Is that 2nd dot supposed to denote a bullet drop at a specific range or is it just to put more clutter in the sight picture? If the latter, then I'm thinking about the XPS 2-0.

    Attaching a magnifier; there's a choice between x3 and x5. I know x3 seems to be a standard. Do people find x5 to be too restrictive in field of vision or make the 1MOA dot too big and fuzzy or would x5 be better for long shots? For what it's worth, I doubt I would ever take a shot beyond 100 yards; none of the ranges here go further than that (most don't even go >50).
  2. I was wondering about the dots too. Some of their other models have multiple dots for ranges out to 600yards (I think), but there was no such description of the 2 dot XPS model.
  3. Yes, the 2nd 1 moa dot is to denote bullet drop. Obviously the distance that the lower dot will be useful for will depend on what distance you zero the optic at.

    If you are shooting within 100 yds I would think a 3x magnifier would be adequate. Of course YMMV.
  4. I run a Eotech XPS with a 3x manifier, it should be more than enough for 100yrds

    on the choice of dots I had a Eotech 557 (three dot) but i didn't find the bullet drop very useful unless (like the poster above said) you zero your optic at a certain distance i usually kentucky windage it anyways
    for the XPS i just opted for the dot and ring

  5. If I can find the article I'll post it...but I remember a reviewer saying that the 2nd red dot was more of a distraction for folks that shoot alot at closer ranges and he hardly used since he set his gun up for closer shooting. (hence the 65 MOA Eotech in the 1st place)
  6. So what's the MOA/ MILs distance between two dots?
  7. Well it's a 65MOA circle, with a dot in the middle, so it would be about 32MOA from bottom of ring to center dot. The second dot, from what I've seen, looks to be exactly halfway between the center dot and the middle, so 16ish MOA? Obviously that's a rough guess, but it's probably close.
  8. The EoTech is calibrated for a .223 carbine type of weapon, but dots can be used for other calibers.

    For the .223 / 5.56 the center dot at a 50y zero and 220yards for the outer zero, the second or lower dot will be for 500 yards. You can use the 6 o'clock hash mark for your POA/POI at 7 yards for close up work.

    Edit - the EoTech reticle can also be used for ranging, speed estimation etc.
  9. Well, if the distance between the dots is close to 16 MOA and the upper dot is good at 200 I can't see how the lower dot would be good at 500. I'd say either it would be good at (over) 600 or the distance between the dots would be roughly 10 MOA.
  10. The distance between the dots is probably different than I remember, it's been a while since I've seen one in person.
  11. not to mention the dots only work if you use a magnifier with the eotech, if not then it would be a waste of money to me
  12. Here is a link to a thread on another gun board regarding the two dot reticle.

    I can't vouch for the accuracy of the info, but it sounds good. It's got pictures and range info, etc.


    In short, though, the two dot reticle (the thread says) is calibrated for M855 ammo with a MV of 2900 fps *and* a 50 yard zero. That makes the center dot good for 50 and 200 yards (and in the kill zone in between). The Lower dot would be for 500 yards, and the bottom of the big circle for 700 yards.
  13. Why is that?
  14. without the magnifier the dots on the 557 are clustered to the point it is like drawing a vertical line, using a magnifier you can really get a good sight picture of the three dots

    like going from this

    to sort of this

  15. To the OP:

    If I were replacing my current eotech (512), I would stick with the single dot in a circle reticle. I really like it, and it seems the most practical to my thinking. The big circle is quick to find and bring to bear in a close quarter combat situation. The center dot is surprisingly accurate out to 100 yards and beyond. Better shooters than I have made COM hits out to 300 yards. Personally, I wouldn't get a magnifier for it unless you like a lot of doodads on your gun. Seems like a scope with an illuminated reticle would be a better choice. Hey, have fun either way.
  16. That's impressive, thanks. I didn't even know they made a three dot sight. I thought you meant the dots wouldn't work, literally. Also, I think some shooters crank their brightness up too high, which might make the dots blur and pixilate (that's the way I describe it) and run together.

    Are there FOUR dots there? Guess I'm better off sticking to my one dot. At least I can see it.
  17. Its the Eotech 557 calibrated specifically for M4 carbines, i'm thinking it didn't sell too well because they only make a two dot retical in the XPS

  18. While I like doodads as much as the next guy, the main reason for the magnifier is that the vendor is basically giving them away for any Eotech purchase, and my long-range sight is downright lousy, so anything past 30 yards, I probably need the help anyway.
  19. I am looking at that same setup from PA's, a 3X with an XPS2. let me know how you liike the setup
  20. FYI

    We received a big EOTech order today and have 512s and all XPS series back in stock.