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? about rtf glocks

  1. do they make the RTF glock in 21 or is it just 17 and 22
  2. G17/22
    at the moment, I'm still waiting for the G26/27 RTF2 Frame or Gen 4.
  3. 17, 22, 19, 23. That's all so far.
  4. It's mainly just the 9mm and .40 full and compact sizes. I think Ed's Public Safety had some 21's that were from a special order overrun awhile back though, so maybe you can get lucky and find one.

    Edit: Just checked Ed's facebook page and they do say they carry the 21 SF in RTF.
  5. i really want one i felt one at the gunshop the other day and it feels way better than my 23 really like the grip plus i think it looks much cleaner than the 4th gen
  6. Yes, 21 SF RTF is in stock at Ed's. LE or GSSF pistol certificate price is $464.20 + $15 shipping.

  7. I stand corrected. I had no idea they'd gotten to the G21.

    OP, if you call Ed's, they'll sign you up for GSSF over the phone and apply the discount immediately. Best price you can get.