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    I just sent in my registration, so I'm coming to this match I just don't know what I'm doing :>)

    The dates are 2/22 and 2/23 but does it take 2 days to shoot the 3 stages? I'll be driving up from West Palm Beach, so I'm wondering if it's possible to drive up and shoot the match all in one day or is this usally a 2 day thing? If an overnight is required has anybody found a good deal on a hotel?

    Also, if you shoot 2 categories how is this setup...do you each stage back to back with different guns or do start over from the beginning with each gun?


    Looking forward to this.
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    Depending on how many people show up.I have always been able to shoot two guns in one day.Thats what im planning on doing.Look for all the guys in the Grey Sidermor shirts they will be able to help you further.Welcom to GSSF and remember to have fun.;a ;f ;c +;f =;C

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    I've been able to shoot 3 categories in one day, but can make for a long day if there are a lot of ppl. Other than that i normally shoot 2 cat's one day then 2 cat's the next day.

    I'm usually set up with all necessary magazines for 2 pistols (mags already loaded, but not the gun), shooting 2 different categories on one stage. i.e. on 5-to-Glock I'll have 3 mags for my G27(sub category) and 3 mags for my G35(comp category), then shoot one category after the other. My biggest recommendation is to ensure you have all the necessay mags already loaded so you are not having to reload in between categories. Though, I've seen a lot of people do this I feel it's time waster when others can be shooting. If you must reload, I recommend telling the RO to have someone else step up while you reload the mags, then when you are done jump back in to finish up.

    I normally sign up for 4 categories, it's a lot of bullets and shooting which is why i split it up between 2 days.

    If you are just shooting 2, then you should have no problem doing it in one day. Saturday is usually the busiest day and typically the longest so don't be surprised if it takes you until 4-5pm to shoot approximately 10 minutes or so! ;g

    Here is my process, typically:
    *sign in and receive score sheets
    *without guns or ammo, just eyes and ears, walk my score sheets around to the ROs at the particular stages and get them in the stack
    *Get my gear mags set up for which categories I choose to shoot at which stage
    *Go and wait until my name is called.
    *When you go back to the stage, you can ask the RO how long the wait will be, he may be able to get you up there sooner than you think.
    *After shooting, reload mags for next stage.

    But that's just me!
    Good luck, see ya there!