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A year ago today.

  1. With phones today it’s easy to flip back through and see what you were doing a year ago today.

    A year ago today I was sitting in my camper looking to buy some land to move it to as I was done with the campground it was parked.

    I came across a listing for a home.

    I kept coming back to it.
    I looked at every detail.
    I researched all I could about the property.

    Around 4:00 PM I contacted the listed realtor and set up a viewing the following day because I had a feeling it wouldn’t be available when I got back from a job in NJ that I was leaving for the following day.

    What were you doing this day last year?
  2. Did you buy it? [emoji848]

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  3. I will wait and post tomorrow.......

  4. I just worry about tomorrow. Have no idea what I was doing last year but probably working.:cheers:
  5. I was wishing my friend good luck and hoisting a beer :cheers:
  6. Life is better with friends like that.

    I have made many here on GT.

    You included, J. :cheers:
  7. I'm old school and write down the days activities or lack thereof in a daytimer. Looks like it was wash day. Woo!
  8. In about 14 minutes a year ago I take a picture of my tv while watching ghost adventures for whatever reason FD6B00B3-2649-4A62-B038-EEFBF2EE45F9.png
  9. Something I learned from dad about work is keep a notebook.

    At times I won’t answer my phone (Work) if I don’t have my notebook and pen.

    I have them labeled and in order back to 2005.

    I do all my notes, measurements, design, pricing, etc in my notebooks and the final product is digital.
  10. View attachment 834896 View attachment 834916 Not sure what I was doing or why I took a picture (?,) but I'm pretty sure that's my GLOCK 17 I was doing it with. I think it might have been one of those monthly Challenges here? I don't know but there it is...
  11. I am quoting you twice....
    Mom got me one of these (Hobonichi) a few years ago and I keep notes in there.

  12. NFI what I was doing a year ago today. DGAF, either.
  13. Thank you for taking the time to share that you DGAF what you were doing.

    You are obviously very busy. :wavey:
  14. Don't take it the wrong way. It was obviously nothing important, or I would have remembered it.
  15. I have taken it several ways and I try to avoid the wrong way. :wavey:
  16. T can actually write.'08. :faint: ... :wavey:
  17. I took my kids to their first (and my first) demolition derby.
  18. [​IMG]
  19. My great grandmother did a variation of this, and it was fascinating to read when she passed. It was very interesting to see the events that merited mention, those that didn’t, how it changed over time, etc. I also picked up some previously-unknown-to-me family history.
  20. D624C636-14C1-40B4-9CF8-98D42F74759B.jpeg C224870D-E8F4-40A1-A8D5-F8E1F62FC267.jpeg Not Sept. 21, but on Sept. 24 2019 I took these photos of a Roseate Spoonbill in a nearby salt marsh.
  21. I was settling into a new place. We moved and downsized so we could be close to our daughter and our future grandson.

    We just downsized again and are settling into our new new place. Our grandson is attending a Christian daycare and we get to spoil him on a regular basis. Life is good.
  22. I was settling into a new place. We moved and downsized so we could be close to our daughter and our future grandson.

    We just downsized again and are settling into our new new place. Our grandson is attending a Christian daycare and we get to spoil him on a regular basis. Life is good.
  23. I was flying to Missoula Montana for an annual fishing trip. It got cancelled this year because of COVID.
  24. Looking back in my photo archives it appears I was in Nice, France buying this for my daughter:
    (The pen was for size reference, no dollar bill in France)
  25. I was getting my eyes examined. Had a minor change to my right eye vision. tom. :fred:
  26. I can't recall specifically what i did a year ago but I do know that on September 21st 240 years ago Benedict Arnold committed treason against the US government. At the time, West Point was planned to be turned over to the British. How ironic is that, history has a way of repeating itself, and this is why today's leftist want to tear down and destroy our statues, monuments etc. History is just that, history, you can not change it or erase it. How would a country ever learn from there mistakes or achievements. These same type people today are trying to do the same thing, treason is treason no matter the time frame.
  27. @G30SF/F-250 , I am so glad you found such a lovely home that you enjoy so much. I hope it brings you many years of happiness!
  28. Nothing from September in my pics so probably a boring month but more fun than this September I’m sure!
  29. Beautiful photos. I see them occasionally here.
  30. upload_2020-9-22_8-35-56.jpeg
    A year ago today I was utilizing this daily and my wife and I had just become “empty nesters”...

    No complaints. I wasn’t ready and in many ways I am still not, but they gotta grow up
  31. Me too.

    And I hope the neighbors don't complain about @G30SF/F-250 sitting on his deck naked.
  32. My mother did that for many years. It was very interesting reading through them after she died. Some days got a sentence or two, some days got a lot more.
  33. One year ago? No clue. But 30 years ago I was traveling with the circus, we stayed and performed at Ballys Reno for two months straight, Aug and Sept...I remember picking up extra daytime work at CircusCircus (took the bus every morning) then working the show in the evenings...

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  34. Shot this group with iron sights at 50 yards with my AR-10.

  35. I was in elk camp.
  36. Ya gotta love a big pink goofy bird. :D
  37. Watching my buddy eat a banana...


    Crazy to see how much he's grown in just a year. :faint:

  38. He's adorable Josh.
  39. I'll second that!
  40. Thank you, my friends. :cheers:
  41. I agree LOL.

  42. Thank you, FTM!

    Thanks to you I was curled up and warm Sunday. :hugs:
  43. I have a lot of bush around it so they can’t see my deck.
  44. I threw up in my mouth a little. Thanks! :cheers:

  45. Either that or it's just real small. :dunno:

  46. My goatee is more than a foot long. Bushes can really grow out if you let them...
  47. So a year ago today was a Sunday. I stopped to see the house on my way to NJ.

    There was a realtor and his clients still there from an earlier showing.
    My realtor and her husband because they had been out on a weekend ride and agreed to meet me.
    And another realtor and his client that was way early.

    The house had only been on the market for three days.

    After looking it over the realtor asked what I wanted to do.

    I said, “F’it, let’s buy it.”

    She gave me a guys number and by the time I got to the bar in NJ I was preapproved for the loan and they had the paperwork going.
  48. Last year this time was ****e. I was just about to discover my SO of five years was going to up and leave and take my dogger with her. **** 2020. Not raining on the thread however. This year I've learned that the OP is a good dude and is welcome here anytime and things only get better after the low moments.
  49. Cheers, bro!:cheers:

    True it’s 2020 but I hope all is better for you than a year ago. :wavey: