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A Word for a Great Guy in the Glock World.....

Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by jdsumner, Oct 1, 2005.

  1. jdsumner


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    May 26, 2005
    riverview, florida
    His name is Cope Reynolds of I began exchanging emails and phone calls with Cope about performing some modifications to my newly acquired 3rd gen g19. I was not looking to get into Glocks. I am a 1911 man thru and thru. But....something about that very basic pistol intrigued me. What I discovered was "it dont fit". Cope graciously accepted the challenge of working over my G in an effort to make it at least useful. I sent it off a few weeks ago and recieved it back yesterday and spent the day at the range with it today.
    Let me tell you, I could not be happier with Cope's work. The gun felt like it was made for me. I find that really amazing in that Cope never saw me hold the gun, so his work was performed based on calls and emails. I will attempt to list the work done, and if I miss anything, I hope Cope will get online and clarify my omissions. First and foremost, the rear of the grip was greatly reduced in an effort to mimic a flat mainspring housing (such as a 1911). The goofy front strap finger grooves went bye bye, as well as the hook at the front of the trigger guard. The middle knuckle of my 'traffic finger' of my dominant hand was being rubbed by the g's trigger guard. Cope reduced and somehow 'slicked' the surface around that contact point. He also cut a relief in the bottom of the mag well front strap to allow the front of a hung up mag to be hooked and assist in tearing the mag from the well. Also, the area where the trigger finger rests along the frame has been ever so slightly relieved and sorta channels the trigger finger into the guard. The thing about this feature is that it kinda lets you know everything is in the same place again, for consistant trigger pulls. Finally ( I thinK), the rear grip area where relived and the front strap were, well, I dunno , 'stippled' might be a good word. Whatever it is, its grippy. You'd hafta see it to know what I mean. But WoW, what a grip. Put about 400 rounds thru it today, and the sweatier my hands got, the grippier this gun was.
    Cope was also very prompt in returning emails and calls, and never seemed to be too busy to talk about the work and to share his experience and opinions.
    In conclusion, if you like the Glock, but it is just short of 'perfection' like it is stock, give Cope Reynolds a call. I can heartily recommend his Glock grip frame work. Thanks again, Cope.