A Week's Worth of Fishing in Alaska

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    Three friends of mine from Wisconsin were up in Alaska this past week. We fished until our arms were sore, and we were just completely wore out! We ate fresh fish every night, and had a great time. I am working on getting some pictures, but in the meantime...

    Our adventures for the week included:
    MONDAY - Cook Inlet halibut. The fishing was slow, but productive. We kept six 25-35 pounders. Came back early, fished kings at the Homer Spit Lagoon. No kings.

    TUESDAY - Cook Inlet halibut. OUTSTANDING fishing! There was a period of about 2 hours where we had at least 2 fish on at all times. As soon as the bait hit the bottom, you had bites. We fished in 190 feet of water and used 4-pound wts to keep the bait down. Talk about tired! We boated dozens of halibut and kept a limit of nice 20-30 pounders with an 80-pounder as well. For me, this was one of the best halibut fishing days in recent memory.

    WEDNESDAY - Rain and wind kept us off the water. We drove back to my house in Anchorage, re-grouped from the long weekend and got some good sleep.

    THURSDAY - Russian River Reds. We all limited out (4 of us) on Sockeye Salmon on the Russian River in about 3 hours. Back in Anchorage, we fished kings at Ship Creek. We had 2 hook-ups, but didn't boat any fish.

    FRIDAY MORNING - Reds again. We limited out again at the Russian, but we did it in less than an hour. The fish were just stacked in there like nothing I've seen! I caught my limit in 5 minutes, and this counts 2 re-ties due to broken lines! Absolutely AWESOME!

    FRIDAY - SATURDAY - Overnight trip in Prince William Sound. We (six of us this time) left Whittier on Friday evening and returned on Saturday afternoon. We caught a load of halibut, with the largest being 70 pounds. We also caught a limit of yellow-eyed rockfish with several that weighed 10-12 pounds. We needed to use both 150 quart coolers to hold all the fish. AND, our srimp pots generated 4 gallons of spot prawns. Again, just an awesome day on the water.

    SUNDAY - One more time! My friends left on Sunday. I dropped them off at the airport with 310 pounds of frozen, vacuum-packed fillets. I got home at 8am, loaded the boat, and hit the water again with a couple of neighbors. We caught another load of hailbut, rockfish, shrimp, and a bit more sunburn this time!

    My friends talked about having the time of their lives, and I had a heck of a good time as well. When I dropped them off at the airport, one friend told me, "Well, if it had anything to do with food or fishing, it certainly wasn't neglected this week." I couldn't have said it better myself.
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    Whens the big fish fry;f ;a

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