a true story

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    I retired from teaching in 2002. A favorite time for me is sitting in my frontroom bay window with my morning coffee. I know every dog that lives in our neighborhood. I've met them while walking KC every day. One morning I saw an unfamiliar dog sniffing around my front lawn. I must have taken 10 lost dogs back home since I had retired, so I went outside and met Ginger. That's what it said on a tab she wore around her neck. Well, I decided to take Ginger home.
    Ginger had done some traveling. The address on her collar was over three miles away and across three busy streets. The last large street is Big Beaver and Big Beaver is M-69, but that's another story.
    I coaxed Ginger into my car and started driving. When I arrived at the address on her collar, I noticed a For Sale sign on the front lawn and a car in the driveway. Nobody answered the door so I sat in the driveway and waited over an hour for someone to return. "Maybe they were looking for Ginger," I thought to myself.
    I began to get impatient, and it began to rain. Then I noticed a rope around a tree in the backyard with a clasp on it that I could fasten Ginger to and just leave. It stopped raining and I took the friendly little mut to the tree and clasped her safe-and-sound. As I was driving away, a neighbor came out with his dog to take a walk. I stopped him and asked if he knew the dog I had just clasped to the tree. "He said, Oh, yes, that's Ginger. But what is she doing here? Her family moved last week."
    "Where to?" I asked.
    "Oh, about three miles away, across Big Beaver. On Derby, I think."
    Derby is my street! I went back, retrieved Ginger and took her back home. She was the new neighbor's dog. Ginger only lived three houses from me. Her owner let her out to Pee, she decided to explore a little when I saw her, snatched her up, and clasped her to a tree three miles from her home. Man, did I feel stupid!