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A Story of Great Service from Glock!

  1. I need to give kudo's for exemplary service I received from Glock. By background here is my earlier thread explaining challenges I had with my Glock 36 pistol: https://www.glocktalk.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1472575

    I brought the gun up to Glock. To make a long story short, a Service Tech checked it out, shot it and after several go rounds of trying to reproduce the problem I met with him and his boss. While they found the gun initially functioning fine they were able to reproduce the problem. It only occurred when they (like my natural grip) gripped the gun not flush at the very top of the frame/backstrap under the slide. My position that I communicated to them is that I would expect these problems with a lesser gun but not a Glock and that I was very disappointed and would need to sell the gun (with the appropriate disclaimers for a new buyer)as I could not depend on it for a defensive gun. :steamed:

    The tech's boss then offered to swap out my gun. He asked which type of gun I would like. I told him something similar in size and caliber. So I ended up leaving with a brand new Glock 30S. :supergrin:

    That to me is extraordinary customer service, a rarity these days. I am a very happy guy and look forward to trying this bad boy out over the weekend.

    Thank You Glock!!
  2. So they replaced your perfectly functioning 36 that only fails when you don't grip it properly with a new 30s? Wow.... so every gun that will jam by limpwristing it can be replaced for a new one?

    My bet is since the 30s uses the same recoil spring and slide as the 36, you will have the exact same failure when you grip the gun improperly.
  3. Who said I was limp wristing it? And there was nothing wrong with my grip. ALL my .45's (half dozen) semi auto's always go bang when I pull the trigger except the 36. I had my son who works in law enforcement shoot it who knows a thing or two about Glocks and has several with thousands of rounds through his own Glocks without jams and the same thing happened to him.

    Do you really think they would replace a perfectly functioning pistol if nothing was wrong with it? GET REAL.

  4. That's quality customer service. It's quite different from some of the other experiences I've read about but it's good to hear that you had a very successful outcome. Edit: Actually that statement is not fair to Glock. Maybe people just don't report their great experiences as much or I only remember the negative ones. Congrats on the new 30S. If possible, give us a range report.
  5. Your words exactly. It functioned fine when the grip was held at the correct height. YOUR natural grip is lower on the grip, which raises the barrel axis in your hand, causing more torque to move your wrist inducing a limpwrist failure.

    Why not just grip the gun higher? Why do you naturally hold it lower? I am not trying to start a fight, just curious.

    Congrats on the new 30s.
  6. Good to hear you are satisfied with the service. It would be interesting to know what they think or know is wrong with the gun.
  7. IMHO I dont want a gun so finicky it has to be gripped a certain way to function ! Any Pistol carried to protect your life should cycle regardless of how its being gripped or held , One handed , weak handed , lying down , etc . Watch some youtube vid's of people shooting it out with thugs and you'll see what I mean . Glad to hear Glock treated you right . Great trade
  8. Follow up with a brief range report for my 30s. Since exchanging my model 36 for a 30s at Glock (see above) I have been to the range a few times and ran approximately 250 rounds through it with 200 of those rounds shot by me. This gun does not have the maladies that have plagued me with my model 36. There were zero jams! As the 36 that I traded was my first Glock, what I have experienced so far with my 30s is what I envisioned a Glock should be. The gun is a delight to shoot.

    Yes the frame is stouter than the 36, the slide seems to be about the same size and weight. So the gun fits both holsters that I had for my 36. I could not be happier with how this turned out.

    THANK YOU GLOCK for going above and beyond with exceptional customer service!
  9. As long as you are satisfied that all that matters. SJ 40
  10. It's very good to read that it was resolved to your satisfaction with a new G30S, and now you have many mag options for your pistol ranging from 9 rounds to 30 rounds. :)
  11. Are there magazines from other Glock models that would work in my gun? I suspect the normal Glock 30 magazine would work? I need to get a few more magazines.
  12. Read the information in the post at the link provided. All of the mag configs discussed there will fit and function in your G30S.
  13. His grip is not limp wristing and even Glock was able to reproduce the failure. They fixed the problem with the customers gun by giving him a new one, what do you care ? :homer:
  14. Ooops my mistake. I did not realize it was a link. Thank You.
  15. Thank you. I was beginning to think it was me... :wavey:
  16. Gun shot perfectly. Heck my wife even shot 30 rounds of the 100 at the range today.

    No jams and I am loving it.... While I am a 1911 fan at heart, this gun is fantastic and a much better size for CC. The trigger is much better than my H&K.
  17. Wow
    They treated you well! You got rid of your problematic 6 rd gun for something usefull for free!
    The G30 is the best Glock, IMO!
  18. That is a good deal! Congrats on the new pistol.