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Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by RACHIGER, Dec 27, 2016.


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    Sep 25, 2015
    glunktown, INDY
    Got 3 of these in yesterday, installed the first into the used G21 I got this summer, which was the frame for the 460 Rowland/LWD longslide conversion base. Also one for the G20, which is badly needed (+3.5oz in the grip) and the final "SLUG" is for the new G34. I also just installed the Lasermax green guiderod laser, glad I watched the youtube install, it made it much easier than the printed directions.

    The "SLUG" is really nice! Fits very well, slips right in, and the captive set screw backs right out and bites the grip hole nicely, maybe just a bit too hard, I might run it back in and sand off the minor ridge that was raised when I installed it. Almost unnoticeable, but it is there. The G21 frame is "lightly used", has a mark or two on it, and the slide has just a couple spots where the tenifer finish is a bit thin. Great deal, the whole getup was just $615 + tax (7% Indiana) so I made out rather well. The 3.5oz Slug makes the frame alone feel bottom heavy, but with the slide on, it is well balanced! IMO, Taylor Freelance really has this product Dialed In, feels about perfect in dry fire. With a full mag I calculated about 2# 9.5oz give or take, 230gr 'flying ashtrays' for me! :cheers: (13rd magazine load) The gun empty is barely over 2#, not even an ounce over, iirc. Very Happy so far, G20 and G34 are next. I suspect I will paint the "gold shiny" for a blended stealth look, but the brass looks pretty sweet at the moment :alien:

    These darn things are so easy to work on and customize, addictive... :broccoli: