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A request for the moderators please

  1. The Religious Issues forum has become so overrun with trolls that it has largely become unusable. In virtually every thread, the same GT members make multiple posts designed solely to disrupt the discussion and insult other members. It has gotten out of hand, and something needs to be done please.

    Consider the recent post of Lonewolf8634 in this forum, who characterized Christians as "bigoted, racist, sexist and close minded". Anyone is certainly entitled to their view, but consider if someone repeatedly posted in every thread in the General forum that all guns are stupid and all gun owners sucked, while making zero contribution to the thread topic. They would be banned and rightfully so. The same should hold true with trolls who repeatedly post here for the sole purpose of insulting others and creating chaos.

    I suggest the creation of a forum for GT members who hate Christians, so they can post there as much as they want and stay out of this forum. The only alternative is to ban people from this forum who repeatedly cause strife and cast insults without contributing anything substantive.


  2. I quit posting in this forum for that very reason.

    This is NOT a religious issues forum, it is a Christian bashing forum that's overrun with atheist trolls.

    Religious "issues" shouldn't even interest atheists.
    You'd think they'd just ignore such a forum?


  3. AMEN


    Romans 16:20
    And the God of peace shall bruise Satan under your feet shortly. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you. A'men.
  4. You've quit posting and started up again about a dozen times.

    You're part of the reason we have "issues".

  5. And then create another forum for religious people that hate people for doing religion wrong? Slippery slope. I think ditching the religious forum all together is the only way to address that. Otherwise, understand that religion is an extremely polarizing subject that will never be left alone. Even if you were able to magically shut down all atheist/agnostic input, you'd be left with the religious trolls slamming other people of faith for belonging to the wrong religion.
  6. Are non believers posting in the Reading Through The Bible thread?


    Do you know why?

    The answer will explain to you why they post in the others.

    I'd we had a Forum called Race Issues, dO you think the demographics in there would lean more toward minorities than the majority? Considering the fact that non religious people face more issues with religion. ..you shouldn't be shocked to find them here.

    It's really a better question as to why Christians would want to post in here. What are your "Religious Issues" exactly?
  7. Segregation may well be the option for those who need a sheltered protected place. Interesting that they need to pray to the moderators since their God doesn't seem to help them much.

    But seriously, when someone comes here looking for support for a heartfelt belief - as with a prayer request - they are not molested. But if a person comes in looking for something like a "we're so persecuted" pity party, they need to get factual about it.
  8. You are free not to participate in this sub-forum. There are places on the Internet where you can join like-minded individuals and very likely not meet with any opposition. This is not one of those places.
    Please read the description for this sub-forum, it's quite clear what its intended purpose is.
  9. You are correct that religion is polarizing and things can get heated and intense, however, the OP was about those who post on this forum and keep posting off topic that religion is only superstition, religion is only for the ignorant etc. The forum rules prohibit trolling name calling and flaming. They have not been well enforced.

    They don't need to go to another forum just let them post their own threads with their own point of view to discuss instead of a lot of off topic chaos intended to derail the other threads.
  10. Perhaps a Reading Issues forum would be what is needed.

  11. Can I be a member, I have proof I was baptized, lol.

    Seriously, isn't the ignore feature helping?

    Another thing, you must be strong enough in your faith to defend it, for better or worse..
  12. The OP is correct. This forum is nothing more than a place to bash Christians and they get away with it much of the time. Hopefully the ownership will take this request seriously.
  13. Actually, as I pointed out, my post and opinion was spot on topic and completely valid. Add to that the fact that the statement "If a lot of Christians weren't bigoted, sexist and close minded" came directly from the op's quoted article.

    If all you want is a place where you would go unchallenged then there are lots of place for you to post.

    This forum is not just about you and your delicate little feelers.
  14. You are free not to participate in this sub-forum. There are places on the Internet where you can join like-minded individuals and very likely not meet with any opposition. This is not one of those places.
    Please read the description for this sub-forum, it's quite clear what its intended purpose is.
  15. Seems to me like "Church" is a good place to talk about "religion"

    Lets not forget, Jesus went to the sinners and spoke among them..
  16. You are 100% correct, but that is the nature of internet forums.
    I would probably participate more there if it were not for the constant negativity from both sides.
    As it is, I browse from time to time and may respond, but other times just move on.
  17. Those trolls should have been banned long ago. Their sole goal is to destroy any real discourse and bring it to the most base argumentation that relies upon insult fueled by hatred.

    Maybe people need to just start flooding the mods inbox with reports of their posts? They may not even be aware how these people have destroyed the religious forums.
  18. So you only want to argue with other Christians about which version or interpretation of the Bible is right, because you're all arguing on equal footing, all beliefs without facts to back it up and competing Bible verses.

    But you don't want to compete on a level playing field with people with factual content at their disposal.

    This is not that safe space you're looking for if you're going to claim the earth is flat, satellites don't exist, the earth is 6000 years old, evolution is a conspiracy, dinosaurs were genetically engineered by ancient man for food and war.

  19. Jesus spoke to people who had an ear to hear. He didn't waste His time arguing continually with spiritual trolls. He rebuked them and moved on.
  20. OIL, my Man, Oil..
  21. Too bad the mods don't crack down on this forum like they have the Pol forum.
  22. If you want to argue incessantly about your presumptions, make a dedicated forum for debate and have at it. My bet is you will get lonely there.
  23. You are proving my point, Dave. You always make it about the individual. You are still doing it.

    By attributing to me something I never said, you are no different than the others.

    We can and should have good, open debate on a wide range of biblical and other issues, but without Christians incessantly being called names. I believe a Christian worldview has its foundation in history and evidence, that it is objectively and demonstrably true, that it transforms lives, and I'm eager to discuss and debate these issues with anyone, anywhere. But we can never have a discussion when we are constantly called names ("bigoted, racist, sexist and close minded" is a direct and recent quote) in lieu of a discussion. When I ask someone where their morality comes from for example, or if they believe this universe sprang into existence from nothingness, I never get a direct answer or an opportunity for good-natured back and forth. Instead, out comes the "bigoted, racist, sexist and close minded" insults with the clear intent to prevent any good-natured discussion from ever occurring.

    So no, I am not looking for like-minded individuals nor to avoid opposition. Just the opposite. I am looking to 1) learn where my theology is wrong (as David Platt says, I know some of my theology must be wrong; I just don't know which parts), and 2) to plant a seed - in a metaphorical sense - in the heart of an atheist that might some day grow and reach fruition. I want to discuss with other believers issues relating to hermaneutics, exegesis, eschatology, and on and on. I want to discuss with a Mormon or a Muslim why they believe what they believe. Yet before a discussion can begin, along comes the obligatory "bigoted, racist, sexist and close minded" stuff.

    I am also guilty for taking the bait when someone calls me names for the purpose of derailing the discussion, and that is one of my many failings. So I am culpable for that.

    The bottom line is that this forum desperately needs some moderation and rule enforcement, because it is no longer a discussion forum.
  24. This forum would soon be deserted if the Atheists were to leave, or be banned, as powernoodle wishes.

    I always say that everyone deserves to have their beliefs challenged. And the (honest) Theist here do not disappoint. There are many threads here aimed at Atheists by Theists as much as we challenge their opinions they challenge ours.

    We are continually compared to people such as Hitler and Stalin, told that we are immoral and heading straight for hell in a hand basket. We are told that were evil, our intent is evil and that we belong to the devil. Yet that is fine.

    Still, you don't see Atheists starting threads to complain about how rude and obnoxious the Christians are.

    Religion is a polarizing subject. The opinions here are in direct contradiction with each other. The debate is going to be uncomfortable for some. If you are among those than my advice is to grow a thicker skin or remain in the Okie Corral where everything tends to stay good natured.
  25. I am just happy that I am not one who causes disruption to this forum, but rather make it lively.

    Let's be honest if we are going to discuss religion with atheists and believers we are pushing a "hot button". I would like to see people express their opinions and not bash other people's beliefs. I have no problem with someone saying they do not believe in my God. I understand that. I can not prove that He is.

    However this is what I don't like: I don't believe in your magic sky daddy physco in the sky who is a child killing physcopath who condones sodomy and rape then kills his make believe son in a fake death and on and on. They then claim innocence and throw in a Latin phrase to try and make up for their vile remarks in order to show their intelligence.. That is nothing but trolling.
  26. If you believe that all Christians think this way, then you are living in your own fantasy world.
  27. It has become the "Forum for people who have issues with religion".

    There should be an "Atheist Issues" forum and I have suggested that.

    The mods and the owners seem to like things just as they are.

    I doubt there is a Christian among them.

    Happyguy :)
  28. I say let us give it a try and find out.

    There is nothing the owners/mods can do that they can't undo.

    Happyguy :)
  29. Well, we're all individuals having discussions. Some people make wild claims. The basis for those claims get debated. I simply pointed out to you an instance where someone would take Issue.

    I don't think you grasp the genesis of this forum. People were debating these things all over the forum and a place was created to contain it.

    You can have it removed and these same topics will move out into other forums.

    The only solution is to ban ALL religious references and discussions. I've been on boards where it was banned and the mods had their hands full squashing all the topics that came up.

    Again, you don't seem to grasp that most of the people who take issue with religion aren't the religious majority. That means the people who speak out are more likely to be non religious. That's just the nature of Religious Issues. If you want a subforum called Religious People Only, that's fine with me. You won't see me in there.
  30. More insults from Steve, which continue to prove my point. You make up something that no one said, falsely attribute it to Christians, and then expect to feel good about insulting someone for something they never said. With almost every post, my thesis is prove correct again and again.
  31. It's not complicated. They can either make a dedicated subforum for Christian Fellowship where Christians can peaceably meet and discuss whatever they like, free from the incessant attacks from vitriolic atheists, or make a dedicated atheist forum where they can patiently wait for someone who cares to come and debate them about religion.
  32. Ok. That would allude, to a God, who had predestined every single event, thought or action by mankind. Otherwise, it doesn't make sense.

    Why would Jesus speak with anyone whom he knew was in compliance with him?
    That would not be my ideal of evangelical action, by Jesus, or Peter, Paul, etc.
    Jesus rebuked known demons & devils.
    Remember Barabbas? Jesus spoke to him many, many times and ultimately Barabbas wanted nothing to do with Jesus.. if Jesus knew, why bother? Predestination is a ridiculous ideal outside of creation of the heavens & earth.
    Remember freewill? Cannot have Predestination & freewill..
  33. I think we are making a little progress here. You seem to believe that "Religious Issues" really means "I have issues with Religion", or "A forum for people who hate religion". That is not the case. This forum might more aptly be called "Religious Discussion". But even if you were right, i.e., that this is a forum for people who "have issues" with religion, it does not excuse the incessant name-calling and insults that flow from those persons. You really do think this is the Atheist Forum, don't you?
  34. Didn't Jesus say Christians should pray in their closets? Well, get on in there and do yer thing. :panties:
  35. If you could point out where I said all Christians think that way, I'd appreciate it. Otherwise may I put you down for another vote for a Reading Issues subforum?

  36. I like the sound of that, "vitriolic atheists". :highfive:
  37. Again, if you think no Christians have posted that stuff here, you need a Reading Issues forum.

    Those are the topics that get heavy Atheist involvement. When you guys are hurling competing Bible verses at one another it's rare to see Atheists get involved.

  38. A while back there was a mod who said he was going to clean this place up.

    I guess he bit off more than he could chew.

    Happyguy :)
  39. Ok, let me put it this way then.
    I don't know of any Christians that think earth is flat, satellites don't exist, the earth is 6000 years old, evolution is a conspiracy, dinosaurs were genetically engineered by ancient man for food and war.
    If you do then maybe I just run with a different crowd than you do.
  40. Exactly!
  41. I can not resist. All I can say is that there are a lot of "vitriolic atheists" here. :animlol:

    I so enjoy "Glock Talk". Thank you guys.
  42. I'm not religious. I don't post in here. I used to enjoy debating it, but I came to the conclusion long ago that it's pointless. No one is ever going to change someone else's mind. Religious beliefs are more about feeling than thinking. That's not intended as a slam.

    A lot of people get comfort and purpose from their beliefs, whether I think their beliefs are valid or not. As long as your beliefs don't infringe on my beliefs, or lack thereof, then they're your business. The only time I really care is when it is insinuated that my lack of religion makes me somehow immoral, but even that doesn't really bother me anymore. Think what you will, believe what you will, just don't tread on me.
  43. False. All of it. It's the area where religious discussions are relegated. Of all types. Some discussions are just among Christians about doctrinal issues. Some are direct challenges, like Empirical Evidence of God, where the Christian OP is looking for a debate.
    This is most certainly NOT an Atheist forum. They are just well represented for the Issues reason I mentioned.

    If, in some other area of the forum, I told you that owning guns was against my god's directive...a debate would ensue. This is where those discussions go.

    As for the insults...you should really take a look at name calling and insults that fly. And who they fly from. If you think they violate the TOS, you are encouraged to report them.

    Simply being offended because someone thinks your religion is mythology, and says so, is as useless as me being offended that someone thinks I'm going to burn in hell for all of eternity. Some amount of understanding has to exist that one is going to be offended. Otherwise any disagreement with what one person says is going to be called "flaming" and that's the end. That applies to ALL areas of GT.
  44. I don't know any personally.

    But they post here, and those are the topics that create conflict between Christians and Atheists here.

  45. SDGLOCK23 believes the earth is flat.
    Brasso believes satellites don't exist. And we've never been to space, let alone the moon.
    Vic and a few others believe the earth is "young" and of an age in just thousands of year, not millions. He has also proposed the possibility that dinosaurs were engineered for food and war. That man certainly lived at the same time as dinosaurs.
    Neon believes, as do many others, that the earth is 6-10k years old and that evolution is a hoax.

    Those are a large part of the debates that go on here and most, not all, of their reasons are biblical.
  46. No, this is not the answer.
  47. Your view is very simplistic and lacks any real understanding of those terms. Also, this is not a debate thread about predestination and freewill. You should make a dedicated thread to discuss it if you like, but I will give you a Biblical response in case you're actually interested in understanding these things better.

    Predestination is not what people keep insisting it means in most of these discussion. All it means is God foreknew who would follow Him and who would never follow Him.

    The key in understanding how predestination works is in the Book of Acts where it shows that God decides the boundaries of a person's life and their length of days on earth.

    Understanding that God knows what everyone is going to do according to their freewill, God placed a remnant of Jews in the first century knowing they would follow Him unto death and be faithful to their calling to assure the growth of the church from its outset.

    Additionally, He has another remnant of Jews which will come to saving faith during the tribulation to witness to their fellow Jews that they may have the opportunity to hear the gospel and turn from their sin and receive Jesus as Savior.

    So predestination does not preclude the freewill of man, it's merely God's sovereign right to place people where and when within time and space in this world according to how they would choose to use the freewill God has granted all men.
  48. Wait..............I thought this was GLOCK talk!! Why is THIS even an issue? Close down this religious issues sub-forum already!
  49. I guess we'll find out.
  50. I'd like to see you try this in the Cop Talk forum.