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A rant by Bullman about Keltec

  1. I realize most hate threads about guns are base on poor weapon performance. Mine however is about the company performance. Why tantalize me with a product unless you are going to make enough to get them to the shelf. I want a Keltec shotgun and I want one know dad burnit. I would go into excessive amounts of debt to get one, yet I can't find one anywhere.

    Of course, I am kidding about the excessive amounts of debt, so if some wiseaker finds one on the interwebs for 1000 clams, don't come to my door, it is MSRP or less for this boy.
  2. "Wiseaker" ain't heard that one in a while dadgummit.

    Those 'dirty dawgs' 'dumb bunnies'
  3. Doesn't rant about HiPoint products either!:supergrin: Even if, it's a plastic shotgun, for a hundred bucks.:whistling:
  4. Yup, I feel the exact same way about the RFB.
  5. Let's posse up and shoot 'em all a little.
    That'll larn 'em.
  6. Capital idea
  7. I know the feeling. It's always a let down. :faint:
  8. Perhaps I should just concentrate on my Model 11 project gun.
  9. So far, I have only seen one Kel Tec KSG at the Gun Show. It was a used one that was marked "LE Test Shotgun" or something to that effect. It was in good condition. The dealer wanted over $1,600.00 for it.
  10. 1600? that is ludic.... that is just plain stupid.
  11. I guess he figures if somebody wants it bad enough, they will pay it. Since they are hard to find.

    I see this kind of stuff every now and then. I just remember who the Dealers are and warn friends and coworkers about the Dealers past practices.
  12. If you get 3 of them, I'll trade you for one of my Vltor Bren Tens. :supergrin:
  13. Scallywags !
  14. diabolical demon seed. you tempt me with pics of a Bowen 1917 four inch and THEN you tell me you have vltor Bren Ten and you will trade me a KSG X 3 for .....

    If only I had more beer...... mad I tell you MADD
  15. Moi? :supergrin:

  16. there are no words to describe your diabolical taunting :tongueout:
  17. Dinky.

    The word is Dinky.

  18. haha...Already 'spoken for.'

    (I 'added' the prewar magna stocks and the Tyler's T-grip...)

    (The Milt Sparks 200AW is an old favorite, ca. 1995.)

  19. [​IMG]
    (Uno mas...)

  20. That Crafter of Arts is annoying da Bullman. :ack:
    Expect blue flames of righteousness striking throughout the country.
  21. Bullman rocks.

    Bull. . . go purchase a 870 untill the feeling passes. For the prices discussed, you can pick up a sweet little 20 guage semiauto too for some skeet shooting.
  22. I must admit I'm surprised about myself on this one... I would think I'd be really drooling for one, but I feel like if they're available great I'll get one... if not... great I won't...

    I'm surprisingly wish washy on the issue......
  23. What's really bad is that in my slightly inebriated state the other night I pestered the wrong persterer now I have two peple treating me to pics of that gun :faceslap:
  24. Would it make you feel better if I said I had one? :supergrin:

    Not that I do.....:whistling:

    Mr. HE:cool:
  25. :impatient::eyebrow:
  26. Obviously, what we need right now is,

    A rant by Bullman about Keltec,

    Ranting about Bullman Keltec.


    PS: The line forms on the LEFT r-r-right.
  27. The new Remington 1740 is one answer to Kel-Tec's problem:

  28. I could come up with a Mossberg 1090, if I went auto I could do the Remberg 941.

  29. 1090/2=545:headscratch:
  30. or, 500 + 590
  31. I want one. But my budget allowed for a Mossberg 500 with a extra barrel. So I had the second barrel cut down to 19.5" and called it a day. Both abrrels is vent rib, the uncut one takes Winchester choke tubes. :cool: Less than $200 total. :supergrin: