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Discussion in 'Car Forum' started by TheGreatGonzo, Aug 5, 2007.

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    I have a beloved 1999 Toyota 4Runner that has an aftermarket 6-CD changer installed. It is a Toyota CD player, but it was added later and is not part of the AM/FM/Cassette faceplate. The CD player no longer functions. I have no interest in new speakers or anything like that. I just need a CD player. I was looking online at Bestbuy (and other places) and saw combination AM/FM/CD players that are already XM compatible as well. They tend to run around $200.00 or so. At the risk of sounding ignorant...CRAP!!!... (sorry, my wife is reading over my shoulder while I type and she just laughed so hard she spewed wine out of her nose). As I was about to ask, should I be able to purchase one of these and have it installed so that it works with the existing speakers, etc?
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    BB and CC will almost always offer free install on radios, which saves you on the labor. You will still need to purchase wiring since the radio plug in your car is designed for Toyota radios... there are wiring harnesses available to adapt for whatever radio you want to have installed. Some 4-Runner's have factory amps, but fortunately it is easily bypassed and will not cost any extra.

    Your speakers will be just fine. And, the parts you need will be in stock (very common for Toyotas).

  3. If you buy your head unit from Crutchfield they will usually give you the wire harness adaptor and faceplate adaptor for free. Thats what I did in my old Ford. I got a Kenwood AM/FM/CD with wireless remote and MP3 jack for the Ipod for $129.

    Sometimes Crutchfield has some good sales. But usually their prices are about the same as the box stores.