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A possible answer to "where Isis gets their Toyota p/u"

  1. I lost track of the thread about the Hilux dilemma, that was plaguing our "intelligence" officials. Just ran across this in the Spectator:

    Adapted for war and other atrocities, using various options and accessories not sanctioned by Toyota (including the popular, flatbed-mounted, Soviet-era DShK heavy machine-gun, endearingly known as ‘Duskha’ for ‘sweetie’), the Toyota is known as a ‘technical’. That’s an abbreviation of ‘Technical Assistance Grant’, a UN provision which once supplied Toyotas to the Horn of Africa.
    So has ISIS been doing comparative shopping? Did they consider Land Rovers, but felt them too county and not cool? Do they read What Car?? Was this diabolical product-placement by Toyota? Certainly, ISIS demonstrates Toyota’s well-earned reputation for durability and reliability. Unquestionably, the photo showing the Hilux conga-line in the desert had the impact of a high-concept ad.

    The fact is the Toyotas were supplied by the US government to the Al Nusra Front as ‘non-lethal aid’ then ‘acquired’ by ISIS. The human and military damage they will do is, alas, all too predictable (and so ironic that a truck designated an RV – ‘recreational vehicle’ – now finds its ultimate application in berserk rampages rather than fishing trips).
  2. Not the first time we have fought against equipment we have provided!
  3. I suspect they get a lot of them by sticking a gun in the drivers face and demanding the keys. They are not known for playing by our rules.
  4. CIA and Mossad gave it and is still is giving it to them.