A new 6.5mm AR15 hunter/match rifle

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    Dec 10, 2009
    The 6.5BR is a necked up 6BR ( the most winning benchrest cartridge in history), it has great Lapua brass or inexpensive Remington brass and loading dies are available. The 6.5BR can push the 100gr Barnes TTSX close to 3000fps from a 20" barrel and a 120gr over 2800fps(apx 200 fps faster than a Grendel). Considering most bullets expand down to around 1900fps the 6.5 BR is capable of taking big game out to 400yds and the high BC 6.5 bullets at that velocity have very little drop or drift from the wind, energy at 400yds is still 1126ft lbs. There is no fireforming required when loading the 6.5BR, just expand the neck and load like any other cartridge. Uppers start at $1599 with a PacNor match barrel and VTAC Extreme rail, $1699 Krieger or Bartlein barrel, $1759 with a Hart or Broughton barrel. Full blown custom rifles must be ordered over the phone-719-547-0233
    6.5BR built on Mega Monolithic chassis
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