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A match made in heaven...interrupted by mother nature. P320 range report!

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The range was still open! And it was to be the warmest day of the week, although rainy. I guess I have been on a Sig kick lately as, unintentionally, this was the fourth 357Sig chambered Sig in a row I have brought to the range.
It was drizzling as I set up and would occasionally turn to light rain. I shot my new snubbie first and then broke out the P320. The first load up was Federal - 125g - JHP. Here are the first five shots at 14 yards:

Gun Firearm Trigger Revolver Gun accessory

Whoa! This combo of gun and ammo seemed to be a match made in heaven. I measured that group, before the target dissolved (more on that later), at 1-3/16".
I then switched to steel as the drizzle now turned into rain. I went four-fer-four on 18 yard steel to my left, and again four-fer-four on 18 yard steel to my right:

Plant Sphere

I hit the gong @ 25 yards with my first shot and then....and then it started raining too hard so I had to retreat to the pavilion. I took the 2nd shot at the gong from the pavilion (more like 27 yards now) and connected again, but the paracord came undone. Now I was out in the rain tying the gong back up. By the time I returned to the pavillion, I had to stand under roof in the dead center to keep from being pelted by rain. Then.... it started raining sideways!! I was in the middle of a big blow!! I was desperately trying to keep my gear dry and to keep it from blowing away! The paper target and cardboard backer got saturated with water and tore loose from the stand and ended up in the pavilion with me!
This craziness went on for about 15 minutes and then the skies cleared, and it actually got sunny out!
I picked up where I left off - hitting the gong with my next two shots(4/4):

Soil Tree Rock Vehicle

So far, a perfect run with the Federal! Then came a miss on the popper at 30 yards... but I did go 3/4. The popper looked like a dog shaking off water when I hit it. You can still see it beaded up in this pic and the spalling dug trench below filled with water:

Tree Soil

I hit the 8" round knockdown @33 yards on shot number one. The 8" square knockdown (also @33 yards) took a second shot before I connected!

Gun Firearm Trigger Revolver Starting pistol

I then went 7-7 on the far steel at 50 yards:

Red Trigger Recreation Shooting range Shooting

The rest of the ammo went to decimating some cinder blocks and bricks! The Federal ammo functioned 100% in the P320.

Next load up was Parabellum Research - 100g - RHFP (value line) frangible. Here are the first five shots at 14 yards! I used my steel target as the cardboard and paper had been ruined with the rain:

Gun Firearm Trigger Starting pistol Revolver

I really like all the Parabellum Research ammo I have used. Unfortunately, their business had a fire. They are up and running again but have not added the 357Sig line back in yet.
The straight numbers went like this:
18 yard steel round: 1-3
18 yard steel silhouette: 3-3:

Recreation Games Shooting sport Shooting Shooting range

Gong @25 yards: 2-3
Popper @30 yards 0-3
I did hit both Knockdowns at 33 yards on the first shot:

Firearm Gun Trigger Gun accessory Airsoft gun

I didn't write down my 50 yard results....?? I think I grabbed the spray paint can to re-coat it (since I used it for my 5-shot accuracy test) and then forgot to take the fifty yard shots. And since I was using frangible, I got up close to shoot. I was actually doing the "Collateral drill" albeit with only one target. Drawing, shooting from the hip once and then two aimed to the head. I missed with the hip shooting often:

Gun Trigger Shooting

The Parabellum Research also ran without a hiccup!

Totals for the gun:

357Sig: 1355 rounds representing 28 offerings
40S&W: 50 rounds representing 1 load

Parting shot - Bricks and blocks hammered with Federal:

Geology Rock Soil Brick Rubble
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