A man walks into a bank

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    He then approached the teller and while pointing the gun at her, demanded she gives him all the money.
    After she nervously complied, BANG! he shot her. When he turned around to leave,
    he saw some people lined up behind him.

    He asked the first man, “Did you see that?”
    The man said, “Yes! I saw you robbed the bank and shot the teller.” BANG! The robber shot the man.

    He then asked the next man, “Did you see that?” The man said, “Yes! Not only did you rob the bank,
    shot the teller, you also shot the man in front of me.” BANG! The robber shot him, too.

    The next in line was an old lady. The robber asked her, “Did you see that?”
    The old lady readily replied, “No!” Then pointed to her husband and said, “He did, he saw it all !”
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