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A little Help needed

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Hello all, I have ventured back into the world of fitness lol. I am 21 years old and have been an athlete all through high school. Once college started I gained some weight and got lazy. I have always been a big boy but back in the beginning of February I was the biggest I have ever been at 248lbs and only 5'10. I promosed myself I would never reach the 250 mark.

In mid February I switched jobs and made myself a goal to loose weight. I wanted to be down to 225 by June. Working 77hrs a week at the Nuke plant, I did not have any time to work out of any kind. By the time the outage was over in mid april I was down to 235 just by eating less and staying active alone. I deff. felt better then I did when I started.

I got a membership to the local gym once I was laid off and now weigh 229#..I am pretty proud of myself however I have reached a point where I need to increase my benchpress and bulk up a little but still drop some weight. I have now increased my goal to 220lbs by mid June. I start the police academy in July...and would really like to get my bench up. I went out and bought Whey protein shakes, but after doing some research I'm beginning to wonder if I should take them due to the fact Iw ant to loose weight.

A few questions I have:

1) Is there any way I can effectivly increase my strength and bulk up but still achieve my goal, or am I kidding myself and just making things offset eachother?

2) Is taking protein shakes a good idea for my situation? how often should I take them? I have been taking one serving after I work out.

3) My weekness is food..I have been trying to eat more veggies and fruit however I do like to eat a lot of meat. I Am big on grilling venison, chicken breasts and pork this a good thing or am I doing something wrong here? My friend has a 3 day diet from the American Heart foundation. I thoguht about this route, but was concearned about the energy I would have to lift.

4)Finally, is 220lbs too far off of a goal to achieve by mid june? or should I stick to the original 225?

Any kind of help would be greatly appreciated. Any tips on lifting, eating, etc.. would be great! Thanx in advance

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