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A lefty/righty rejoices!

Discussion in 'The Okie Corral' started by KY Gun Geek, Mar 17, 2005.

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    Dec 29, 2003
    Lexington, KY
    I've been a lurker here on GT for a long time, I do most of my posting over on the Enos board, but this forum has brought me out of the closet.

    I'm strongly left eye dominant, and my big brother is left handed, so as a kid, I learned sveral things on the left side. However I seem to be RH for some things. After crossdressing for years (left eye, shooting RH), I've decided to take the plunge. Here are some randomish thoughts and why I'm doing this:

    1) The controls on most hand guns are better suited for leftys than rightys. On many guns, shooting from the right, I have a hard time reaching mag releases whith my thumb without shanging my grip (loosing time). Shooting left, I operate the controls with my trigger finger. It seems to be faster and safer (my finger is off the trigger when doing other stuff).

    2) The cross style can mess-up your stance mechanics such that you put your wrist in an angle where it can't control recoil as well.

    3) It completely confuses the rest of the world when you show up with a gun in you left hand. In a defensive situation this can save your life. I've been in several situation with airsoft/simunitions where the BG was watching my right hand, which allowed me to draw and shoot him 2 or 3 times before he figured out what had happened. In the eparlance of defense instructors, this completely screws with the other guy's OODA loop.

    4) For me, manipulating magazines and other stuff doors (props whatever in USPSA/IDPA) with my right and is easier than left. Seems natural to use that hand, and have the gun ready in the other.

    5) Doing a tac load (retaining the partial magazine) with on an AR is difficult. I'm trying an Ambi mag release.

    6) My IDPA/USPSA buddies whine when doing weak hand stages. I smile, I don't really have a weak hand - they are both about as bad or about as good. If they don't specify that you have to use only your week hand, I'll just switch over and shoot a 2 handed grip on the other side. That really torques them off! :cool:

    7) I use a trackball for a pointing device on my computer and I put it on the left side. This really discourages visiting users! Most people look and feel like complete idiots trying to use my computer.

    OK, just thought I'd do a little intro. Glad to see the lefties trading info!