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    A successful New York City attorney decides to go duck hunting upstate and as he's driving through the countryside he see's a bunch of ducks about 30 yards off the side of the road. So the lawyer gets out of his car, grabs his shotgun, takes aim and shoots one of the ducks. The lawyer then notices that there is a fence surrounding the property that the duck is on and there is a "No Tresspassing" sign. The attorney decides to crawl over the fence anyway to retrieve his duck but just then the property owner see's him and say's "Hey, don't you see that sign there! No tresspassing, that's my duck...it's on my land!" The smug attorney say's "Look buddy I just shot that duck over there and I'm going to go get it. You don't want to give me any trouble...I'm a successful attorney and I'll sue you for everything you've got!" The guy thinks about it for a minute and say's "Well, around these parts we settle arguments a different way, it's called the three kick rule." The attorney is intrigued by this and say's "Ok, since we're in your neck of the woods, I'll play by your rules." The property owner then say's ok we will each take turns kicking each other three times and whoever say's stop first looses. The attorney agrees to this and tells the owner that he can go first. The guy kicks the attorney as hard as he can in the nuts and the attorney falls to the ground. The guy then kicks him in the face and the attorney groans and falls over. The guy then kicks the attorney in the back as hard as he can. The attorney lays there for a minute and finally is able to pull himself up to his feet and say's "ok, it's my turn!" The property owner replies, "No, I give up, go get yer duck!";P
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    Lol, I love that one every time I hear it! ;f ;a