A great Little Johnny Joke

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    Little Johnny is sitting in english class when the teacher announces:
    "today children we are going to practice the alphabet, now who can give me a word that starts with the letter "A"?"

    The teacher looks around the room and sees Little Johnny raising his hand to be called on, but she knows that he will probally just use some profane swear word, so she calls on Suzy.

    " Yes Suzy, can you give me a word that starts with the letter "A"?"

    Suzy stands up and says "apple"

    "Very good" says the teacher.

    The teacher moves on throughout the alphabet doing the same for each letter, with Little Johnny raising his hand for everyone like it was the first time she had done this before, but she did not want to call on him for reasons of his creative and nasty language.

    The teacher gets to the letter "R" and no one has their hand raised except for Little Johnny, so she thinks to herself and cannot think of any swear word that will go with the letter "R", so the teacher calls on Little Johnny.

    "Yes Johnny, can you give us a word that begins with the letter "R"? "

    Little Johnny jumps out of his chair with his hands out in front of him and says:

    "Yea, RAT. Big a*s mother fu**ing RAT with a di*k this long!!!"