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Story time....

So a few years ago I got my brother into his first gun which was a G19 Gen 3 that he loved. Then one day I was in a pickle and needed cash and the 19s were always a hot seller in my city. I traded my G22 G2, which he didn't care for and sold the 19 instantly. I felt bad as he loved his gun and ended up meeting up with some sorta hoodlum type kid that had a G2 G19 which he didn't know absolutely anything and traded him a fullsize S&W M&P 9 for it, once I ran the serial number to make sure it wasn't stolen or anything. The gun was actually in really good shape for it being a Gen 2 and came with a Tupperware case so I had to make it happen and successfully succeeded doing the trade. I gave it to my brother which he didn't know much about besides him not liking it for not having a rail.

I use this trade a as insurance that I will eventually get it back, once I find him another one with a rail like a Gen 4 or maybe 5. Well a couple years ago I bought a Black Aces tactical semi auto shotgun as I wanted a cheap semi auto beater for $180. I didn't like it at all and listed up for sale. Luckily some guy that didn't know too much about guns offered me a brand new Gen 3 Glock 19 with some extras for trade and jumped on it immediately! He was super happy with the shotgun as so was I with the trade knowing that I was trading my brother for the Gen 2 19. I finish Addington accessories and now she is a safe queen. It is a 3 letter alphabetical serial so it's nothing special unfortunately 😑 but kinda got what I been itching to have back in my possession for just $180 out my pocket!

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I have a Gen 2 19 as well. I am not sure if I want to get an optic cut for it or just get a Gen 5 19 or a 43x/48 mos. I would like something with a red dot and able to add a light to.
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