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I just received a new A&G Horsehide belt, with stiffener. 36 inch, seven holes.

$97.90 shipped to my door, 2 week turn-around.

This is by far the stiffest, strongest belt I've ever laid my hands on. Workmanship and materials are top notch, i dare say superior to my Beltman horsehide in some regards. Probably a little stiffer than my Wilderness CSM belt. Definitely stiffer than the Beltman Horsehide (Albeit that belt does not have the internal stiffener). The horsehide layer on the A&G is thicker.

The belt is beefier all the way around, it really fills the loops on my Mitch Rosen Premier more than the Beltman. Not sure this guy will fit thru dress pants (I can usually squeak the Beltman thru).

Obviously in need of some break in, however. It took some muscle just to get it around my waist and buckled.

Initial impression is quite good. I'll give it a few weeks to break in. They even included an extra Chicago screw and a sample of the polyester stiffener material.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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