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a "Forum" suggestion, "The Reference Room" or "The Library"?

Discussion in 'Announcements & Support' started by MB-G26, Mar 17, 2005.

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    There are quite a few topics which are frequently inquired about usually in GNG. Using "search" is handy for those posts which are sill available via a search - but it's been a while since the "archives" were available, for example.

    Just tossing this out for consideration - but might there be value in having one area to hold either moved or copied threads on such topics? Often people put a fair amount of time into posting comprehensive answers spanning a wide range of topics which seem to come up every couple of months or so. This way, the info would remain available even after the original thread otherwise, due to age, rolls out of the grasp of "search".

    Surely the mods have enough to do already and don't need the added task of being active 'librarians' - but when such a thread develops some might nominate it for inclusion in the 'Reference/Library' "forum" similar to requesting a "stickie"?

    'Probably would want to have it designated as NOT a place for off-shoot, additional "conversation", or posting further questions on the topic. However the ability to add an additional resource or an update would be handy. The static nature of the resource threads would also make it easy for a read to determine, based on the existing posts, which GTer(s) to contact privately for further info or assistance.

    Or, this could be a completely stupid idea in which case just disregard.