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.... and sliding across the back seat, the driver said: "Say... you look a lot like John Perkins. Are you related to him?"

"No, I don't know a John Perkins. Why do you ask?" the new fare answered.

"Well" starts the cabbie, " you're well dressed just like John Perkins always was."

"Is that so! What else makes you think I might be related to him?" the rider says.

"It's just that John Perkins was a bon vivant, a real man's man about town. He knew all the best restaurants and their owners by name. He even knew every Maitre`d and their wives and he'd send them gifts on their birthdays. He could order the best wines in French," the driver went on, with the man in the back becoming very interested about this John Perkins fellow by now.

"Yes, he always looked like he just had a fresh haircut ... and his shoes were shined to a super gloss and every Sunday after church he washed and waxed his car," the driver said.

Then, after a slight hesitation, the cabbie slightly winced and then went on: "He was the most romantic man in the world and he aways made his woman smile in anticipation for that coming evening by sending her flowers and candies - he did this at least once a week."

"Did he live around here and did you ever meet him? asked the passenger

"No. I've never met John Perkins" sighed the driver, now arriving at the destination.

"How is it you know so much about him then?" asks the rider, getting out of the cab.

"Oh.... I married his widow".
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