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    Johnny got a wild hair one day and decided he wanted to go hunting. He had never been hunting in his life, and he knew nothing about it. So he bought a rifle and headed out into the woods. Sure 'nough, he shot a 10-point buck. He loaded it into his truck and out of nowhere, the Game Warden shows up.

    "That's a might fine buck you got there!" the Game Warden said.

    Johnny said, "Thanks, officer!" as he finished loading the buck onto the truck.

    "Just as a matter of duty, I have to check your hunting license", the Game Warden said.

    "License?" Johnny asked. "I need a license?"

    Well, the Game Warden took Johnny's buck, his truck and his rifle.

    The next year, Johnny made sure he got his license before he went hunting. This time he shot a turkey. Sure 'nough, the same Game Warden came poking around in Johnny's business. "Hey, their Johnny!" the Game Warden said. "That's a mighty fine gobbler you got there."

    "Sure is...and I got my license this time!" Johnny said proudly.

    "That's wonderful", said the Game Warden. "But do you have a tag for that turkey?"

    "A tag?" Johnny said. "I need a tag?"

    Well, the Game warden took Johnny's turkey, his truck and his shotgun.

    Johnny didn't give up! The next year, Johnny was bound and determined to make sure he got all the licenses and tags he could possibly get. This time he shot a 600 pound black bear. Sure as God made little green apples, that same Game Warden showed up to check up on ole Johnny. "That's a mighty fine black bear you have there!" the Game Warden said.

    "Yes, Sir!" Johnny replied. "And I got all my licenses, and my bear is tagged too." Johnny unfurled an accordion of licenses that reached the ground.

    “Wow!” the Game Warden said. “Looks like you have all your licenses, and your bear is tagged too. I’m proud of you Johnny.”


    “But I have just one question. Why does the bear have a bullet hole in each of his front claws and a bullet hole in his forehead?”

    “Oh that’s easy to explain”, Johnny said. “Just before I shot him, he put his claws over his face to hide his eyes from my flashlight.”