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A couple of fancy Glocks

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A fancy .40

and its kid brother in 9MM

If it wasn't for the recession, taxes, low paying job, and my family, I would maybe like the Glockbling, if the baby was in .40 too, ogf course I would still haveto win about $200,000 million in the Hoosier Lottery, but then I would have a couple Glocks made out of gold then, wouldn't I.
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The bling costs a fortune.

Not my cup of tea......
those have been around forever, i have yet to see one sell.
If they wanted to actually get the amount that is being asked, they might want to think about making them attractive. The price tags are rediculous.
I have to agree. There's not enough gold to push the cost up by more than 50 US bucks over stock, and the scrollwork/artwork isn't that attractive or labor intensive. The guns aren't ugly, but I wouldn't want to pay much more than stock Glock cost. I've seen some artwork done by Lone Wolf that was a heck of a lot cheaper and (by my estimation) better looking.
They have been posted many times.

I'm not sure I'd pay $500 for one. :puking:
I think they look stupid. The glock is a tool made for utility purposes. They were meant to take a beating, not be pretty to look at. Glocks don't belong in a glass case, they belong on yer hip! I bet after 30 days of being in an IWB all that crap would come off...

Flame on!
Something about making a silk purse out of a sow's ear....
Ill have to pass.
:dunno: I dont think the asking price has gotten high enough yet, to get the bidding started. Start asking $25,000 for the G22 and $13,000 for the G26, and someone, will make a bid around where they are asking now. The bidder will then think he is getting a bargain :wow: :shocked:
The ultimate Irony is that they're "E"series Glocks, which could need a frame recall....
those have been around forever, i have yet to see one sell.
No doubt, someone is stuck with some expensive pistols that won't sell... Come on $15k? I think not.... I could buy 30 Glocks for that.
Pimp Guns!
That is about the stupidest thing I have ever seen. I'm sorry, but only a true a***ole would spend 15K on that peice of $#!!.:puking:
I got over the ugliness of the Glocks a long time ago. Now I like them as plain as possible. Leave 'em like Gaston gave 'em to us. Now I can't even tolerate aftermarket grips, or grip tape. Your guns look terrible, I mean just terrible. I wouldn't have them for free. Even a crack dealer would look foolish with those guns.
If that cost even what a normal Glock costs I would not buy it. If I was a collector sure maybe but I am not.
looks like something jerry bruckheimer might use for his movies.
I didn't know you could make a Glock uglier.
I was proven wrong.
They get uglier every time I see them. :faint:
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