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A couple of dessert questions:

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1) When making strawberry shortcake, have you ever added anything like syrup or strawberry juice to those berries?

2) Has strawberry rhubarb pie an equal? (Man, I sincerely think not.)
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Originally posted by Skyhook
Ok, we've been putting sugar on them, but just not letting them sit for a couple of hrs. This we'll try.
Yup, that's the secret!

Also, must be real sugar. For awhile, we were kind of anti-sugar and used Splenda for everything, and I let our supply of sugar run out. Then we tried to make some strawberries and short cake one day... doesn't work without sugar; it doesn't make its own syrup.

I've since started keeping a very small amount of sugar on hand for "cooking". (Splenda won't raise yeast pizza dough, either, DAMHIK :rollsmiley: ) I buy the smallest bag of pure cane sugar (must say cane on the label or else you end up with sugar beet sugar -- yes, I can tell the difference!).
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